Monday, November 29, 2010


Conversation with Brady in the grocery store today!

Brady: I think I want to buy Poppa a new chainsaw for christmas.
Me: What is Poppa going to do with a chainsaw in his condo? (maintenance free mind you)
Brady: Cut his meat!

Apparently Brady thought the electric knife that Poppa used to cut the turkey with on Thanksgiving Day was a chainsaw.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 25 - My day as a SAHM!

I sleep in until about 10 or 11, wake up and eat breakfast.  Curl up on the couch with some bon-bons and my DVR'd soap operas and...what?!? Isn't that what people assume SAHMs do all day???

Here is my day:

5:15am - wake up and pump (sorry for the TMI, but that's what I do)
5:30am - start making breakfast and lunches for the kids
6:00am - wake up Kinley to feed her (Abbey and Brady are getting up and dressed at this time too).
6:45am - get dressed and ready to take kids to school
7:00am - out the door and in the truck
7:45am - back home from taking the kids to school (if I didn't have to "work" at the school).  Change
diaper dress Itty Bitty and give her medicine (still on Zantac for acid reflux).
8:00am - Kinley plays on the floor while I clean up kitchen, make bed fix myself some breakfast, eat and check emails. Sometimes I give Kinley a bath at this time, sometimes after she eats her cereal.
9:00am - feed Kinley cereal.
9:30am - playtime for Kinley (might be on the floor or the walker or reading books in the rocking chair with Momma).
10:00am - nurse Kinley
11:00am - Kinley down for a nap.  I try to get a few things done around the house at this time (doesn't always go as plan).  Eat lunch.
1:00pm - nurse Kinley
2:00pm - leave to pick kids up from school.
3:00pm - return home.  Help kids with homework, start getting dinner ready (when I actually make dinner).
4:00pm - nurse Kinley
5:00pm - finish working on dinner.  Big kids are in the bathtub/shower.
5:30-6:00ish - sit down to eat.
6:30-7:00ish - get up from the table, kids finish up homework if not already done.
7:00 until 8:00 - family time! We either watch Family Fued/Jeopardy together, play the wii, or play a board game.
8:00pm - Abbey and Brady in bed, Kinley takes her last feed.
9:00pm - Kinley in bed.  Veg-out time or computer time or school volunteer stuff
10ish - in bed, but may watch a little bit of tv to unwind, usually whatever sports game is on or the news.
Good Night, ready to start the day again!

Now understand, there are some days when this schedule is nowhere near what my day is like.  For instance, if I have errands to run, that's usually done when Kinley would be napping.  Some days I'm volunteering at the school for a while.  And then there are some days like today when Kinley refuses to take a nap so our whole schedule is thrown out the window! And then there is the weekend, where we just kinda go with the flow!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 24- Where I Live

I decided instead of showing pictures of my house, I thought I'd give a little history lesson on Lakeland.  I was born and raised in Tampa and moved to Lakeland in 1994 when Matthew and I got married.  I have fallen in love with the small town atmosphere and consider this my home.  I love raising my children in a town, where the big news is that the City Commissioners are fighting a lawsuit so they can continue to open meetings with prayer.  I love raising my children in a town where we rarely go out without running into someone we know.  So here is a little bit about Lakeland, from the city's website.

Lakeland, Florida was incorporated January 1, 1885. The town was founded by Abraham Munn, who purchased 80 acres of land in what is now downtown Lakeland in 1882 and platted the land for the town in 1884. Munn was a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. Among the names considered (and rejected) for the town by its residents were Munnville, Red Bug and Rome City. It is reassuring that farsightedness prevailed in the selection of the name.

For a short time, Lakeland had a rival on the south side of Lake Parker, the largest lake in the city. That town was Acton. It had a church before Lakeland did, and more importantly, a railroad depot. Under mysterious circumstances the depot burned, and shortly thereafter a larger, modern structure was built in Lakeland. Acton began to decline and was gone by 1906. By the mid-1890’s some 25 trains were stopping in Lakeland each day. Because of the excellent railroad service, progressive outlook, attractive location and elevation (227 feet), the community grew and prospered.

In 1885 the Tremont Hotel, said to have been the best hotel in South Florida at that time, was built by Munn. It remained Lakeland's finest hostelry for years. It was moved in 1923 to make way for the construction of the Terrace Hotel, which still stands today.

City fathers knew how to deal with crime. In 1886 they passed an ordinance prohibiting "straggling around" the town. The mayor's report for the second quarter of that year shows 36 arrests; offenses included fighting, gambling, boisterous cursing and swearing, public drinking, lewd conduct, discharging firearms, sanitary violation, petty larceny and peddling without a license. The first jail was called the McDermott House -- named after its first occupant.

In 1887 nursery owner Ed Tison claimed to have originated the Marsh Seedless Grapefruit from cuttings on a tree growing on property of J. H. Hancock, north of Lakeland. About the same time he perfected this fruit, he sold his nurseries to C .M. Marsh, who gave his name to the new variety of the citrus family.

In the winter of 1888, H .S. Galloway demonstrated the profitable character of the strawberry crop and its adaptation to this area by netting over $600 from a single acre of strawberries, thus originating the strawberry industry in this county. By 1894 Lakeland was shipping more strawberries than any other place in the state.

The Lakeland Light and Power Company erected a light plant at the corner of Cedar Street and Massachusetts Avenue in 1891. In May of that year plant manager Harry C. Sloan threw the switch which turned on the current, and Lakeland was lighted by electricity for the first time. It was the only town in Florida besides Jacksonville and Tampa to have electric lights.

In the summer of 1898 some 9,000 troops were quartered in Lakeland, awaiting embarkation for Cuba during the Spanish-American War. Regiments camped on Lakes Wire and Morton. Lakeland's steady growth continued during the early 1900's. The town's first bond election in 1901 secured $110,000 for a school building. In that same year Park Trammell, who had been practicing law locally since 1899, was elected mayor. Later he served as governor of Florida and then U. S. senator.

The city's first telephone exchange was built in 1902, the first fire department was organized in 1908, free mail delivery was inaugurated in 1912, and in 1913, the city government changed from the aldermanic to the commission form. In 1916 the cornerstone of the first hospital was laid, and in 1921 Florida Southern College moved here from Sutherland.

The Florida boom resulted in the construction of many significant structures in Lakeland, a number of which are today listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This list includes the Terrace Hotel, New Florida Hotel (Regency Towers), Polk Theatre, Park Trammell Building (formerly the Lakeland Public Library and today the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce), and others. This was Lakeland's golden age. The Cleveland Indians held spring training here from 1923 to 1927. Cleveland Heights subdivision was developed and the Carpenters and Joiners Retirement Home was constructed.

During this same time two Lakeland residents nearly made aviation history as the first man and woman to fly across the Atlantic. Shortly after Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, George Haldeman and Ruth Elder attempted to duplicate the feat. Taking off from New York, the couple developed engine trouble a few hundred miles off the coast of Spain and ditched their plane in the ocean. They were rescued by a Dutch tanker which took them to Europe, where they were received with much fanfare.

The "boom" period went "bust" quickly, and years passed before the city recovered. Part of the re-emergence was due to the arrival of the Detroit Tigers in 1934 for spring training. (The team continues to train here.) The development of the Lakeland Municipal Airport as a major facility in central Florida transportation was another factor. The 1930’s also featured the arrival of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In 1938 he came to Lakeland at the request of Florida Southern College President Ludd Spivey to design a "great education temple in Florida." For 20 years Wright worked on his "true American campus" creation. He planned 18 structures, 12 of which were completed and six left on the drawing board. He called his project "A Child of the Sun," so named from the architect’s own description of being "out of the ground, into the light, a child of the sun." It is the largest on-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world.

The Lodwick School of Aeronautics, owned by aviation pioneer Al Lodwick, opened in 1940 and trained several thousand men to fly for the U.S. Army Air Corps. At the same time Food Machinery Company was researching and developing amphibious tanks. Drane Field, in southwest Lakeland, was the site on which B-24 bomber crews trained. The Women’s Civil Defense League was also active. The community was solidly behind the war effort.

After the war, George Jenkins rapidly expanded his Publix supermarket chain and installed his corporate headquarters in Lakeland. Today, Breed Technologies and Discount Auto Parts, based locally, trade on the New York Stock Exchange. The citrus and phosphate industries, though not within the city limits, contribute significantly to Lakeland's economy. Seventy percent of the phosphate produced in the U.S. is extracted and processed within 25 miles of this city. Citrus growth and production have made this area the "World's Citrus Center." Through the 1980's Lakeland and its surroundings produced 25 percent of the nation's citrus. The Florida Department of Citrus and Florida Citrus Mutual are located here.

With a current population of 77,000+ Lakeland continues to grow. It has been designated a Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area by the U.S. Census Bureau for over 20 years. With tourist attractions such as Disney World, Busch Gardens, Cypress Gardens and Bok Tower all within half an hour's drive, Lakeland is capitalizing on its ideal central Florida location. With its commitment to downtown development, redevelopment and historical preservation, and keen insight into its past and present, it is a model for other cities. Its future is bright... and secure.

Compiled by Hal Hubener. Last revised 6-27-97

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Prayers!

There aren't many things more humbling than praying for your own children.  As I pray for Abbey, Brady and Kinley to possess the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control), it kind of comes full circle. More than anything I need Him to change me, to soften my heart, to instill in me the fruits of the spirit, and to give me wisdom so that I can be an appropriate model for my children.

I realize that I will fail miserably. Probably on a daily basis. That is a very blunt and honest statement, I admit, but it's true. I will mess up.

“But God…” Isn’t that a powerful statement and one I am so thankful for.

I have a Savior who has already covered me. He alone will be the one to capture their hearts and bring them to Himself. He alone carries their future, and He alone will be the one to cover everything that I cannot.
And so as I pray for my precious children, I pray for myself (and Matthew) that God would work in me and through me. That He would grant me grace and that He would grant me mercy.  But most importantly, that He would grant me wisdom in all situations.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 23 - You Tube Video

My child would not be able to sit down for the rest of his/her life if he/she chose to do this!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 22 - Website

I have so many websites that I enjoy...I'm not sure I can narrow it down to just one.  Here are some of the ones I use a lot:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mover and a Shaker

Itty Bitty is on the move at 5 months old.  Although Kinley is not crawling in the traditional since, she can get to any toy she wants including Mom's stack of magazines which she got a hold of and tore to shreds.  She can also sit up for a few minutes on her own, she supports her torso on one of her hands.  She has found her voice, and unfortunately has started using it to really try and get her way.  She likes to be a part of the action and doesn't like being "by herself" know five feet away on her blanket in the family room while we are sitting at the table eating dinner.  She's got several new nicknames.  Daddy calls her Thumper because she is always got one leg that is kicking up and down, whether she's on her belly or on her back. Momma and the kids call her Froggy because of the way she gets up on her feet and bounces up and down.  I really don't remember Abbey or Brady being so active and mobile at this age.  Still no teeth, we joke that her gums are as bald as her noggin!  Although her fuzz is starting to come in a little more.  Sometimes when she wears her big bow-bow, it musses up the fuzz!  I think she is starting to develop a little bit of a Momma's Girl complex, which is fine with me because I know one of these days she will be way too busy to want to snuggle with me.  I know I say this each and every month, but I just can't believe how fast the time has gone by. 

Day 21 - A Recipe

This recipe is from  This meal is really tasty and really easy to do and most importantly...the kids love it!

Chicken Primavera with Parmesan Pasta
1 1/2 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast
1/4 tsp kosher salt
1/4 tsp pepper
2 Tbs EVOO, divided
2 Tbs fresh Italian parsley, coarsely chopped (I used dried parsley)
1 tsp dried Italian seasoning, divided
1/2 c dry white wine
2 medium yellow squash
1 medium zucchini
1 c fresh green beans
2 fresh garlic cloves, coarsely chopped
1 c matchstick carrots
1 c pre-diced onions (I just bought and onion and cut it myself)
1 (14.5-oz) can diced fire-roasted tomatoes, undrained (I used the publix brand)

1. Preheat large saute pan on medium-high 2-3 minutes.  Season chicken with salt and pepper.  Place 1 Tbs EVOO in pan, then add chicken; cook 2-3 minutes on each side until browned.  While chicken cooks, chop parsley.
2. Add parsley, 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning, and wine to chicken.  Reduce heat to medium-low and cover; simmer 6-8 minutes or until 165 degrees F.
3. Cut squash and zucchini in half lengthwise; then cut into 1/4" thick slices.  Trim ends of beans; cut into 2" long lengths.  Chop garlic.
4. Remove chicken from pan.  Add 1 Tbs EVOO, 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning, and garlic to pan;  cook 1 minute.  Stir in remaining ingredients (except tomatoes); cook and stir 5-7 minutes or until vegetables begin to soften.
5. Stir in tomatoes; cook 4-5 more minutes or until vegetables are tender.

Parmesan Pasta
12 oz penne pasta
2 Tbs shredded Parmesan cheese
1 Tbs herb garlic butter ( I used Land o' Lakes brand garlic butter)

1. Prepare pasta following package directions
2. Drain pasta; Place in large serving bowl.  Stir in cheese and butter.  Place vegetable mixture on top of pasta.  Cut chicken into bite size strips and add to pasta and veggies.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 19 & Day 20 - A Talent and a Hobby

I realize it was quite a while ago when I left off, but life with 3 kids can get busy. My sister reminded me that I had promised I would finish this task, so I decided to combine these two days, besides the fact that I'm so far behind, because to me they are essentially the same (in my case). I would say my talent/hobby is party planning. I love to throw parties. I love to decorate. I love to be creative with the invitations. I love to decorate cakes/cup cakes! Some of my favorite parties I've done were of course for my own family. I think my favorite was when Brady turned four he wanted a pirate party. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the invitations, but they were totally cool. I printed out the invitation to look like a treasure map with the "X" marks the spot at our house. I then soaked the paper in tea to give it a rustic look and then I burned the edges to finish off the look. I rolled them up and tied a string around them and placed them in a clear glass bottle and hand delivered them to each party guest. For the party day, I had a sand box filled with trinkets and "jewels" for the kids to dig for buried treasure. Kelly used eyeliner to draw scars, beards and other piratey things on the kids faces. All the kids got pirate bandannas, eye patches and a gold hoop earring as part of their goodie bag. They also got a mini bucket and shovel filled with a small vanilla pudding treat with crushed vanilla wafers on top to make it look like it was filled with sand. I of course made a pirate ship cake and for the grand finale, I had made two giant card board ships and divided the kids (and adults) into two teams. Each team got behind one of the pirate ships. Each team received a bag of jumbo marshmallows (cannons) and they had a marshmallow fight. I do believe the grownups had more fun pelting one another with marshmallows than the kids, and who knew a marshmallow could leave a welt. I do have pictures from the party itself, however they are still stuck on the computer that crashed at the end of last year. So instead I will leave you with some other pictures from parties I have done.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Motherhood Math!

I've been feeling very guilty about the lack of energy I have been experiencing of late.  At the end of the day, I look at my bomb shelter house and marvel at the incredible mess and wonder if I did anything productive the whole day.  I look at my blog as the days/weeks go by without a post and wonder where my time went.  So, as I sit here at 10:30 at night waiting for the last load of laundry to finish so I can move it to the dryer I ponder where all my time was spent and could I have made better use of the day.  I started doing calculations in my head and realized there are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish a mothers job.  So often we (stay at home moms) hear: "What do you do all day?"  So I have figured it out...the motherhood math...Mommy-by- numbers:

Feeding Kinley: 5-6 times per day at 45-60 minutes each session  = avg. 5 hours a day 7 days a week
Driving Kids to school: 40 minutes round trip 2 times a day 5 days a week
School morning breakfast/lunch boxes: 15 minutes a day 5 days a week
Preparing Dinner: I will be conservative and say 4 hours a week (since my hubby is so nice to allow meals out a lot)
Helping Kids with Homework: 1 hour a day 4 days a week

So if you do the math, these tasks alone account for a 51 hour work week.  This doesn't include all the household chores that have been taking care of (cleaning bathrooms, washing/folding clothes, dishes, grocery shopping, changing diapers, giving baths, bill paying, volunteering at school...the list could go on and on).

So why do I do it?  What keeps me sane?

It's my 10 year old saying "Mom, you are the best Mom in the whole wide world" (in appreciation for bringing her violin to school that she left at home on accident).

It's my 7 year old asking me to read a story with him.

It's my (nearly) 5 month old finding me from across the room  and smiling until her eyes disappear.

It's these things and more that make me so thankful to have the most difficult, demanding, underpaid job in the world but more importantly to appreciate the sacrifice MY mother made for me and my siblings when we were growing up.  I truly do love my life as a mother and I wouldn't change a minute of the day.  And now my washing machine is done.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 months

This is a few weeks delayed I is busy with 3 kids, two of which are in school.  Kinley has moved past her evening colic but has developed lap colic.  This is a non-medical term for spoilousrottenitis!  And if you still haven't figured it out, that means she is very happy when she is being held or the center of attention.  Hmmm can we say 3rd child syndrome already?  Kinley loves going with me to the kids school to volunteer.  She hangs out in the snugglie (although I'm not sure how much longer my back can handle that) facing out so that she can see all the kids.  And of course all the kids at school just love when she comes to school too.  We have not started her on solids yet, although it is definitely right around the corner.  She is very interested in all the food on the table and if you are holding her while your eating she is always trying to grab at food and put it in her mouth.  Don't even try to sit down to dinner without bringing her to the table with you.  She of course if a Johnson baby which means she is petite!  Weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds 4 ounces (with a slightly wet diaper) she is only in the 3rd percentile for weight.  She is however in the 20th percentile for height at 23 1/4".  Kinley is rolling all over the place.  If you put her on her blanket you will eventually find her about two feet away with a trail of spitty from here to there!  Her favorite toy is a book that is very crinkly with lots of colors and textures that are great to chew on.  Although her hands are always in her mouth and everyone swears she is about to cut teeth, there are no nubbins of toofers yet.  We are enjoying every minute with her.  We can't even remember what life was like before she was a part of our family.

Happy 4 Months Bitty Baby!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Buying the vote

Abbey had her SGA speech last week and found out she had been selected to go to the next round.  This next round involves giving her speech to 3 administrative personnel at the school.  On Tuesday she apparently found out what these three ladies like from Starbucks and asked me if she could bring coffee to them on Friday (today, the day of her speech)!  Not only had she gotten the teachers orders in advance, but she figured out that if we left early enough we could go a different way to school which just so happens to run past the Starbucks.  I said "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" and she said, "But Mom, several kids are bringing the teachers something."  I said "Well you can talk to your Daddy, but I don't think that's a very good idea."  So no sooner had Matthew stepped a toe in the door that evening, she was asking if he would take her on Friday to Starbucks.  He thought it was a fabulous idea and said sure!  So this morning, Matthew and Abbey left bright and early to purchase their bribes steamin' hot javas.  Matthew said when they got to school this morning and Abbey delivered the coffees, the ladies were so surprised and "jokingly" told her she had their vote!  When I got to school this morning with Brady, the ladies told me what a great idea that was and they loved it!  So apparently the cost of SGA campaigns runs around $15 in coffee!  In my eyes I thought it was ridiculous to encourage this, but in Matthew's eyes (as a business owner) he said "Hey when I'm courting new clients, I will bring 'goodies' to their office for meetings.  This tells them I'm willing to go the extra mile to make them happy!"  Watch out Obama, Abbey might be more of a smooth talker than you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 18 - Our Wedding

Sixteen plus years ago I married my soul mate.  My best friend.  The love of my life.  He was and still is my "one and only."  We had a beautiful wedding of which I have no scanned photos since nearly 17 years ago digital cameras didn't exist...or if they did, they were too dog-gone expensive for anyone other than a professional photographer to own. sure does age a person.  We were married on January 8, 1994 (Elvis' birthday, for those of you who didn't already know).  We were babies back then: I was barely 18 and he was almost 22.  We  each had four attendants: my sisters Kimberly(maid of honor), Kelly, and my high school friends Nicole and Kristi.  Matthew's Dad was his best man, his friends Jason and David and Phil(Kimberly's boyfriend then/now husband).  My brother Kyle who was 4 at the time was our ring bearer and my cousin Ashley was our flower girl.  Eld. Ronald Lawrence married us. One of my favorite things about the wedding was my sister Kelly singing and all the fresh flowers.  We have had an amazing life together.  Although life doesn't always go exactly the way we imagined it, the Lord has given us everything we could possibly want and more.  We are so blessed to have found one another and I am truly thankful.

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Bust-a-move Brady"

Alternate Post Titles:
"So You Think You Can Dance"
"Mr. Roboto"
"Talent Only A Mother Could Love"
"Brady's Got Talent"
"No Guts, No Glory"
"He's My Shy One"

This was starving for attention Talent Week at the kids school.  And my son decided that this performance was far less embarrassing than singing! SERIOUSLY!  And No I won't be offended if the tears of laughter stream down your face like mine.  AAAHHHH, a mother's pride and joy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 17 - A piece of Art

A Young Woman Reading - Jean-Honoré Fragonard - 1776

When I was younger, my Grandmother who was living in Michigan at the time had this replica painting hung in the sitting area at the top of her stairs.  Whenever we would go and visit, I would sit and stare at the painting.  Studying the brush strokes, the colors...every little detail.  When she moved down to Florida a few years ago, she decided the painting was just too big for her house and offered it to me.  I was thrilled to have it.  When we decided to build our house we are in, I literally built the house around this painting.  We have a very large wall in our formal living room where this is hung.  Now I just need to get furniture in that room to accompany my favorite painting!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All About Abbey!

Abbey might be my mini-me when it comes to looks, but personality wise we couldn't be more opposite!  She's outgoing, chatty and LOVES to be the center of attention.  This year in 5th grade the writing curriculum focuses on persuasive writing which includes speeches.  So all 5th graders have to write a speech for student government elections.  Abbey's speech was so cute, and she wrote it all by herself.  I barely had to help her at all.  She did her speech in class today and hopefully she will find out in the next day or so if she made it through to the next level.

Abbey also just started taking violin lessons.  The school she goes to offers it to all 5th graders during the school day...which means it's an extra curricular activity that I don't have to chauffeur any kids to! YAY!  She is loving it already and is very eager to practice and learn more.  They haven't started learning how to use the bow yet, just plucking!

Day 16 - A song that makes me cry

It's not so much the song that makes me cry, but what it represents.  I used this song/montage when Brady started kindegarten!  I know a lot of you just sent your kids off to school for the first time ever and it is so hard to say goodbye.  I get teary eyed whenever I hear this song and watch the slideshow.  It's an oldie but a goodie!  I can't believe how much they have grown in such a short period of time!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 15 - Dream House

We built a house a few years ago and had an absolutely amazing experience.  We are so blessed to have this house.  It is my dream house because of my wonderful husband and kids who live here with me.  So since I already have my dream home, I thought I would change it up a bit.

With Matthew being in the industry that he is in, real estate has always been an interest of his and mine!  Even though we have no intention of moving/building again anytime soon, we always like to check out real estate listings in the area and just see what homes are selling for.  Some of you may recall a few months ago, a certain popular golfer became a fixture in the tabloids over an incident that occurred outside his home.  Well as it turns out, this golfer happens to live not too far from us in a community called Windemere.  This subdivision is the home of several other local sporting celebrities (Shaquille O'Neal and Warren Sapp).  Recently, I was curious to see what homes in this golfing community were selling for during this housing slump and I came across this unbelievable listing:

This is a "single" family home listed for a cool $100,000,000! No, I did not type that incorrectly...One Hundred MILLION dollars is the listing price for this UNFINISHED property!  The owner of this property, David Siegel, is currently slumming it in a 20,000sf $5.5 million dollar shack.  Apparently 20,000 square feet is just a bit too tight of living quarters so he and his wife decided they needed to build this monstrosity: 66,800sf 13 bedrooms, 23 baths on 10.12 acres.  Unfortunately, as CEO of Orlando based company Westgate Resorts, the economy has stunted his income a bit so he halted construction of his property.  Now I know many of my readers out there have this kind of cash just laying around, but don't rush right out and pay full asking price for this little vacation cottage.  You could save $25M by purchasing it unfinished.  And with the $25M you save, I'm sure you and the Home Depot sales clerk could come up with a few "home improvement" weekend projects to finish up the job!  Read more about this bargain basement property here.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 14 - Non Fiction Book

I haven't read this book, but I love to collect books/magazines on creative cakes and cupcakes.  I've never taken a decorating class so my skills are very basic and limited, but I love to create cakes and cup cakes for different parties that we have for the kids or for showers.  It totally stresses me out to decorate a cake but at the same time it's an that possible? 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 13 - Fictional Book(s)

So, I'm not really sure why these next two posts are here (I didn't make up the list) since we already discussed favorite books.  But I have been informed that since I am helping the 5th graders at our school prepare for the Sunshine State Book Bowl, that I must read all 15 of the books.  So in no particular order, here are the list of books I will be reading over the next few months.  I'm hoping since they are "children's books" they will be realitively easy reads that won't occupy too much of my very limited time!

  • The Seer of Shadows
  • Cicada Summer
  • Masterpiece
  • Obi, Gerbil on the Loose
  • Kenny & the Dragon
  • The Gollywhopper Games
  • The Girl Who Could Fly
  • Eleven.
  • Bird Lake Moon
  • Piper Reed: Navy Brat
  • Safe at Home
  • 11 Birthdays
  • Mogo, the Third Warthog
  • Someone Named Eva
  • The Earth Dragon Awakes: The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Go pahk ya cah in the garage!

I love love love going up to visit my bestie in Boston and hearing that New England accent!  She has 3 beautiful children, Morgan (4), Maddie (3) and Jack (10 months).  We had such a great time and the weather was perfect...mid 70's in the day upper 50's at night!  We flew in on Saturday afternoon and hung out at their house.  They just recently moved into this beautiful 1920's home in Quincy (pronounced Quin-zee) with this huge double lot full of trees, but best of all are the GORGEOUS original hardwood floors throughout the whole entire house!

On Sunday, we got up and headed into Boston to catch the ferry to Georges Island.  This is one of numerous islands out in the harbor that you can tour.

At the time of Euro-American colonization, Georges Island was composed of two drumlins, rising out of the bay like other nearby islands. The island was used for agriculture for 200 years until 1825 when the U.S. Government acquired it for coastal defense.

Over the next 20 years the island was dramatically altered, and one of the country's finest forts was built. Dedicated in 1847, Fort Warren's defensive design was virtually obsolete upon completion. However, the fort served as a training ground, patrol point, and Civil War prison that gained a favorable reputation for the humane treatment of its Confederate prisoners. After 100 years of military use, the fort was decommissioned in 1947 and acquired by the Metropolitan District Commission for historic preservation and recreation in 1958.

To this day, in the fort's dark corridors, the legend lives on of "The Lady in Black," the ghost of a Confederate prisoner's wife who is said to have been sentenced to death for aiding in an escape and hanged in a black robe made from the fort's mess hall drapes

Since we had to wait for the ferry, we took the kids to the nearby carousel and playground.  They had a blast.  We then caught the ferry over to Georges Island where we climbed trees, rocks and forts!  We came back across the ferry and took a little detour through Quincy Market and Faneuil (pronounce Fan-yule) Hall.  This is a touristy outdoor shopping center with lots of unique little shops and eateries.  We then headed to the North End (which is the area of Boston known for all their Italian Restaurants).  Since we were such a big party (4 adults and 6 kids) and since it was Labor Day weekend we had a little trouble finding a spot big enough to fit all of us!  We enjoyed a yummy delicious meal of homemade pastas and sauces!  We left there and started heading back to the vehicles, but had to make a detour to a Italian Gelato Shop.  WAAAAAYYYY better than any Coldstone!

On Monday we got up and made our way to Tougas Farm, an apple orchard in one of Boston's suburbs.  We got to ride a wagon out to the orchards and pick/eat all different kinds of apples.  We tried: Early Fugis, McIntosh, Courtlands, Golden Delicious and maybe a few other types.  Even Kinley and Jack got to get in on the action!  After snackin' on apples and a quick bite for lunch, we headed back home.  The grown-ups (plus Kinley) went to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox vs. Rays game.  Although our Rays did less than stellar (read: they were slaughtered), it was an awesome stadium with so much history.  We found the Red Sox fans very friendly.  Even though they trail us by 5 or so games, I think our common hatred of the NYY plus the fact that we had the cutest little "Baby Ray" at the stadium kept the harassment at a minimum (or it could be the fact that we got crushed by them).

We got up early Tuesday morning and headed to the airport for our flight back home.  The trip was way too short, but we had a great visit.  We will definitely be planning another trip up there again when Kinley is a bit older so we can do more of the historical tours!

Day 12 - Something I'm OCD about!

This was probably the hardest post for me to come up with.  I am not one of those type A personalities that have to have things a certain way.  I have to work really hard not to be messy.  I have to work really hard to stay organized.  And my Type A defieciency means I fail at both of those more times than not.  So to say I'm OCD about something would be a real stretch, but I finally came up with something, and I'm sure Matthew will agree with me (since this is something that drives him C-R-A-Z-Y).


I am obsessed by seatbelts.  No one is allowed to ride in my vehicle without wearing a seatbelt.  I'm talking "as long as the car is moving, seatbelts must be worn".  Matthew will let the kids go without a seatbelt if we are driving across a parking lot.  For example, in town the Publix and Target are on the same side of the road but have two different parking lots.  So many times we go from Publix to Target or vice versa and Matthew will tell the kids they don't have to buckle up.  Me?  I make them buckle their seatbelts.  I make sure Kinley is completely strapped/buckled in, even for the 1/10 mile drive at 5mph.  And where did this obsession come from you might ask?  Well when we were younger (before Kyle was even a glimmer in my parents' eye) we were driving through a movie theater parking lot.  My Dad (I think) missed a stop sign and had to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision with another car and all of us in the backseat went a'tumblin.  Kelly literally somersaulted her way to the front of the van. And Kimberly and I got scraped/bruised up a bit from our spill.  So since then, it's all about the seatbelts!

Now on a funnier sillier side note, I have another OCDish habit that Matthew thinks is ridiculous.  I have to sleep in shorts or pajama pants.  No matter what the temperature is outside.  No cute little nighties for me (TMI I know).  I have to have shorts and t-shirts or pants and t-shirts on any time I go to bed.  I blame my parents for this and yes I am still in therapy over it.  When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I was woken early from a very deep sleep probably around 5am.  I was told to hurry up and put my flip flops on and to get in the vehicle.  At that time I slept in a t-shirt that did not quite cover my "undies" (I'm pretty sure I remember it was a Smokey Mountain, GA t-shirt).  I sleepily stumbled into the car not sure where we were going.  When we arrived at our destination, I was mortified to find out that my Mom (who was my girlscout co-leader) and the other Girlscout leader had planned a surprise breakfast for all of us in the troop...AT A TRUCKSTOP!  Yes! You read that correctly...a bunch of pre-teen awkward girls at a truckstop in Tampa for breakfast.  Now she claims that it was not a truckstop, it was a restaurant.  But excuse me, this so-called restaurant was located just North of I-275 near Ray J stadium and in the parking lot were a bunch of semi tractor trailers and where do you think all the drivers of those semis were...sitting in that "restaurant" staring at all of us little girls with our undergarments exposed!  Oh yes!  Therapy is still on-going!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 10 *Updated* with Day 11 - Recent Photo of yourself

We just got back from visiting my best friend from high school and her beautiful family up in Boston.  Nicole and I actually met in junior high (or what you youngsters call middle school) and have stayed in touch all these years.  Through college and weddings (we were in each others weddings) and now raising children!  She and her sweet hubby Tom graciously allowed us to come and invade not only their home but their routine.  With two families of five (six kids ages 10, 7, 4, 3, 10 1/2 mo. and 3 1/2 mo.) made for an interesting and exciting tour of the "Bahston" Area!
This is us in high school.  Oh yeah we were sooooo coool!

And this is us now with our families (minus Tom, he was nice enough to take the picture).  I only wish I could say I have aged as well as she has!  Thanks again Tom, Nicole, Morgan, Maddie and Jack for letting us come and visit.  There will be an additional post with lots of pictures of our fun adventures!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 10 - A photo of me taken over ten years ago!

Since digital cameras were not around way back when I was a youngster, you'll have to make due with these scanned images.  I would guesstimate these pictures to be circa 1992/93 when Matthew and I were dating!  Man we were young!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 9 - A photo you took!

This was taken from the top of the Empire State Building back in December following their first big snowfall of the season.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 8 - A picture that makes you angry/sad!

One of the saddest stories in recent news for the Hillborough/Polk County area.  I can't even begin to imagine what these brave officers' families are going through right now.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 7 - A picture that makes me happy!

Oh sure, like I'm supposed to be able to just pick one?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things!

Since Kelly has gotten ahead of me in days, it's going to appear that I am copying her.  But what can I say, we're sisters! We look alike, we talk alike...we think alike.

  1. My knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior
  2. My Husband and kids
  3. My extended families
  4. Our pastor and his family
  5. Our church friends
  6. Blogs/Facebook
  7. Marco Island Beach
  8. Traveling to new places
  9. Fountain Coke
  10. Eating "out"
  11. Family game night (board games, card games,wii)
  12. Kinley's smiles
  13. Shoes...even tho it's hard to find them in my size.
  14. Bargains! I love to shop and get great deals!
  15. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy oh and Who Wants to be a Millionaire oh wait lets just say all game shows!
  16. Reece's Peanut Butter Cups! My taste buds enjoy, my thighs...not so much!
  17. A Florida Winter...not this past winter but the "typical" Florida Winter...which feels more like Fall.
  18. Ray's baseball!
  19. Ice Cream/milk shakes
  20. Ironing - NOT - Just seeing if you were paying attention!  Actually it's wrinkle free clothing!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 5 - Favorite Quote

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what my favorite quote is.  And of course there are always the silly lines from movies that I say to my kids, such as "Crying? Crying? There's no crying in baseball" (A League of Their Own).  I will typically say this line anytime Abbey one of the kids starts to cry for some ridiculous reason, even when it has nothing to do with baseball!  And who can forget "Run Forest, Run" (Forest Gump) directed at my very pokey son!

But those don't really have true meaning.  A favorite quote to me is something that resonates deep inside.  It's a way of living your life.  It's a thought process.  So again I went back to into deep thought and it came to me.  As a Primitive Baptist, I've been blessed with the knowledge of grace and mercy.  And too often people can not correctly distinguish the difference between grace and mercy.  A few years ago a preacher (and I'm sorry to say I'm not sure I remember who it was) gave the most profound definition of the two and I find myself repeating it sometimes without even realizing it. 

"Grace is the things we are given that we DON'T deserve and mercy is the protection from the things we DO deserve."

How simple is that?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 4 - Favorite Book

I used to enjoy reading, but I honestly can't think of the last time I picked up a book to read for "pleasure."  And although I enjoyed reading at one time, I'm not sure I can say I have a favorite book.  So therefore, I will just share with you what I am currently reading:

  • KJV Bible
  • To Train Up a Child - Michael & Debi Pearl
  • Shepherding a Child's Heart - Tedd Tripp
  • Horrible Harry Series (reading these with Brady)
  • Lots of "Baby Books" with Kinley
  • my guilty pleasure most of all is my blogs!  Not only do I read the ones on my blogroll, but I have a whole other list of blogs I "stalk"!
I do have a favorite author if and when I ever do get back into reading and that is David Baldacci.  I've read at least 6 of his books (Absolute Power, Total Control, The Winner, Simple Truth, Split Second, Camel Club & have started numerous times but yet to finish The Collector).  They are murder/mysteries usually set in the D.C. or Virginia area.  My most favorite would have to be The Winner:

Publisher's Summary

LuAnn Tyler is a twenty-year-old unwed mother in Rikersville, Georgia, a woman who can use her fists as well as her wits, a woman striving to escape an abusive relationship and a life of endless poverty. Suddenly, under the pretense of giving her a decent job, a mysterious Mr. Jackson makes her an offer he thinks no one can refuse: a guarantee to be the next winner of the $100 million national lottery.

But LuAnn won't do it. At first. Then, less than twenty-four hours later, she is fighting for her life and running from a false murder charge. Jackson's offer -- and its condition that she leave the country forever -- seems to be her only hope. She accepts his proposition and the new life the unlimited wealth buys her and her infant daughter. Ten years later, LuAnn disobeys Jackson and secretly returns to the United States, where she is still wanted for murder.

There, she meets Matthew Riggs, a man whose origins are as murky and troublesome as her own. LuAnn's life is shattered when a canny reporter smelling a scam in the national lottery picks up her trail, and Jackson, a seemingly omniscient master of impersonation, comes to punish her for disobeying him. At the same time, the FBI is set on her track when investigators suspect someone may have fixed the lottery. While the hunters close in for the kill, LuAnn finds herself turning to Matt Riggs for help, but he may be just another predator in her life.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 3 - Favorite Television Program

Yes! This is the 2nd post of the day, so make sure you scroll down to see the first post!  Now the past few days I have had a hard time narrowing down my "favorites".  This, however, was an easy choice (although there is still two).  I love me some crime drama! So it comes as no shock that I'm slightly addicted to these two shows:

Now Criminal Minds has been known to give me not only some nightmares, but also some real life fears.  Such as, If I go into a public restroom that seems a little off the beaten path, I will check all the stalls to make sure no one is hiding inside one!  I know you think I'm kidding but that's how badly one of those episodes freaked me out.  The Mentalist too is a crime drama, however it has quite a bit of humor in it.  Since the main character makes his living on "reading" peoples behavior he has been hired by the CBI to help solve crimes, but he usually does so in a very odd sometimes nontraditional way!  Check them out! I usually DVR them so that I don't have to stay up late and watch them, plus I get to fast forward through all the commercials! SCORE!

Project Runway

This week on Project Runway, contestants were given accessory items only to create a FABULOUS outfit! Our winner this week won immunity from elimination with her creative use of scarves, headbands and barrettes. Her style: White Wedding!

This overachieving young designer also created the "Blue Ocean Belly Dress" however, due to the risque nature of this outfit no pictures are available.  Stay tuned next week on Project Runway, when the designers will be given the next task: Toilet Paper Wearables!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 2 - Favorite Movie

Again, there is just no way to narrow this down to one favorite. Different days, different moods!

Favorite Action/Adventure:
Ummm yeah, for those of you who KNOW me, know that this isn't a big surprise.  The whole series is completely edge of your seat exciting, but I would have to say the first one is my absolute favorite!

Favorite Family Movie:
Not really sure if that is the right category but again this series is so wonderful! I think the actress Megan Follows that plays the title character is so amazing.  She portrays herself as a 12 year old girl on up to a young woman so well.  And of course, I've gotten Abbey hooked on the series as well! :-)

Favorite Children's Movie:
When you have kids, you have to be prepared to watch the same movie over and over and over again.  So when one comes along that you not only tolerate, but would secretly watch on TV after the kids have gone to bed, well it's just a little slice of apple pie happiness!  And yes I know that many of you will hang me by my toenails disagree with me, and maybe it's because I missed some of TS3 while I was tending to a fussy baby, but I think TS2 is the best story line of the series.   Hmmm do I sense a pattern here with my "series movies"?

However, I can't forget to include this classic.  But I don't know if it would fall under childrens, romance, comedy or family...oh well, it too is a great movie that my kids love!

I'm sure I could add numerous other movies to this post.  But that would defeat the purpose then.  You see, I'm the type of person who could watch a movie and forget that I've ever seen it and then watch it again until almost the very end before I realized I had seen it.  And that doesn't mean I didn't think it was good, it just means I have very little brain capacity for storing that kind of memory.  So I like to watch movies and I like to watch the ones I really liked over and over again.  Because there is always something that you missed the first or second or even third time around!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 1 - Favorite Song(s)

It is impossible to choose just one song to be my favorite. So I have broken it down into a few categories.

Favorite Church Hymn:
"It Is Well With My Soul" is very special to me. The Sunday after our first miscarriage, while we were at home recovering we requested the congregation to sing this song. Our Pastor called us at home and we got to hear everyone sing the song. To this day, this song still brings tears to my eyes when it is sung.

Favorite Oldies:
Well, since my name is Kerry Ane my parents used to sing this song to me when I was growing up.  I always thought it was really cool to have my name in a song.

Favorite Song From High School:
This song always brings me back to my memories from highschool. One of my friends performed this at a talent show and anytime it comes on the radio I have to crank it up.

Favorite Kids Song:
This song just brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it. Who can resist the cute little face of Curious George the Monkey?

Favorite Romantic Song:
This is the song you crank really loud, turn off the lights and slow dance to. Mmmmmmm.  Oh yeah, I like U2!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal

I have to admit, I get in a bloggers block more often than not.  I know I have so much going on in my life that I shouldn't run out of things to blog about, but sometimes I just feel like no one wants to see our blurry photos from the family vacation or hear how my child left her brand new wet bathing suit in a plastic bag for two weeks because she "forgot it" or listen to my rant about the woman who cut in front of me in the drive through line at Chick-fil-a.  So I've decided to attempt this 30 Day Blog Journal and I would love to invite all my fellow bloggies out there to join with me.  It may not be 30 consecutive days, but I promise I will complete every one of these entries!  Can't wait to read all of yours!

Day 1 - your favorite song

Day 2 - your favorite movie

Day 3 - your favorite television program

Day 4 - your favorite book

Day 5 - your favorite quote

Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things

Day 7 - a photo that makes you happy

Day 8 - a photo that makes you angry/sad

Day 9 - a photo you took

Day 10 - a photo taken over 10 years ago of you

Day 11 - a photo of you recently

Day 12 - something you are OCD about

Day 13 - a fictional book

Day 14 - a non-fictional book

Day 15 - your dream house

Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Day 17 - an art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc)

Day 18 - my wedding/future wedding/past wedding

Day 19 - a talent of yours

Day 20 - a hobby of yours

Day 21 - a recipe

Day 22 - a website

Day 23 - a youtube video

Day 24 - where I live

Day 25 - your day, in great detail

Day 26 - your week, in great detail

Day 27 - my worst habit

Day 28 - whats in my handbag/purse/diaper bag (for those of us who don't carry a purse at the moment)
Day 29 - hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Day 30 - a dream for the future

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Growing, Growing...Gone!

Gone...Where has the time gone? 3 months old...12 weeks (well now it's 13 weeks) since you made your debut on this earth. You are such a smiley baby (except when you're having tummy issues, which isn't nearly as often any more). You've started chuckling at different things, mostly the big kids that love to entertain you. You rolled from your belly to your back intentionally for the first time at 12 weeks old and you rolled from your back to your belly for the first time today (13 weeks). You are a GREAT sleeper. You still go to bed around 9:30 or 10 and sleep until 8am usually. I haven't quite figured out how we're going to change your schedule once school starts back up, but I'm sure we will manage. You still take several naps a day and follow the "wake, eat, play" cycle. You're nursing like a champ still, which I am so thankful for. That is one thing I regretted for Brady that he didn't nurse for very long. I love that time we spend together. You usually nurse for 30-45 minutes every 3 hours, sometimes you'll go to 4 hours, but I don't like to do that too often. Your hand coordination is really starting to develop. And you are enjoying tummy time so much more these days. You are really trying to figure out how to move that little body of your to where you want to go. It won't be long before you are rolling and scooting all over the place. You had your first babysitter on Tuesday night. And of course Mimmy took excellent care of you while Momma and Daddy went out on a date. Even tho you are the third child, Momma still had a hard time leaving you. We left you crying with Mimmy and Momma was having second thoughts about leaving you. But Mimmy helped you get your air bubble out of your tummy and the rest of the evening was smooth sailing. All the kudos to your Mimmy since she is in the process of potty training Li-Li-Lou-Lou! I do owe her BIG time! Abbey and Brady have been at the beach this week with GiGi and Poppa and although you've been completely unfazed for the most part, you really miss not having your entertainers on car rides. This whole week that they've been gone, you have fussed in the backseat. I am truly amazed that after 3 months of you being here, the "novelty" still hasn't worn off for Abbey and Brady. They left on Saturday morning for the beach and when they got to church on Sunday after only being gone for less than 24 hours, they couldn't leave you alone for 2 seconds. Brady kept getting up to ask you "Did you miss me?" "Do you still remember your Bubba?" And each time you would flash him your biggest smile and he would just light up. You still continue to take the Zantac (acid reflux medicine) two times a day. And you will probably continue with that until about 6 months old. You won't have your next check up until September but you are currently around 9 1/2 pounds. We thank the Lord daily for giving you to us.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Almost Double Digits!

We're just about a month and a half shy of Abbey turning double digits! How is it possible for time to have gone by so quickly!

If you remember we took Abbey to a specialist back in February, after that appointment he decided he wanted to see her back in June to go over the results of her bloodwork. All her bloodwork came back normal except for the fact that she is vitamin D insufficient (which is a step up from deficient). The doctor prescribed her 1000mg of vitamin D supplements daily. He was not overly worried about this tho and said that the insufficiency has nothing to do with her small stature. He says that 90% of people today are insufficient. Apparently milk does not provide the amount of vitamin D that it was once thought and the majority of your vit D intake comes from the sun. However due to the abundance of sunscreen people now wear to protect against skin cancer, a person's body does not get the vitamin D they need, so therefore supplementation is highly recommended for most people! Hmmm...who knew! Anyway, back to the appointment...the doctor was also concerned that her growth hormone level was on the very low side of normal. However a one time blood draw of GH is not an accurate indicator of your GH levels since the body produces most of its GH while one is sleeping. The doctor wanted her to have a growth hormone stimulation test done. This was done this past Friday. She was hooked up to an IV and administered two different types of medications to stimulate her GHs. She then had blood draws at 30 minute intervals for basically 2 -3 hours. Abbey did amazing. The doctor had prescribed a lidocain cream to rub on her arms at the spot where the IV would be placed. That stuff is amazing! Abbey never even felt the IV go in and all the blood draws came from the IV port once it was in place, so she only had to be stuck that one time and the lidocain did the trick...nary a tear was shed. The most painful part of the whole test was when it came time to remove the IV and the tape that held the port in place was pulled off along with the numerous little hairs on her arm! She was a trooper tho.

We will go back at the end of this month for the results, but based on the information we have received thus far, Abbey is a good candidate for growth hormone therapy. I know GHT is very controversial, but we've done a lot of research. Obviously, we will get some more info once we talk to the doctor at the end of the month, but what we have found out so far is that the controversy comes mainly from the fact that GHT is often abused by people not suffering from growth hormone deficiency in an effort to improve athleticism. The side effects that occur are because they are not under the care of a doctor who monitors them properly.

On a side note, Abbey decided to get her haircut since Kinley has become a fan of latching on with her death grip. She looks so grownie with her new style, but best of all is that she really likes it. None of you know the battles we have endured with that child over her hair not being brushed properly or at all for that matter!

Monday, July 12, 2010

2 months

I can't get my photos to load with the month by month for comparison, so you will have to look back at this post to see how much Lil' Bit has grown in a months time. She is getting very interactive. She is especially happy in the mornings and talks the most first thing after she wakes up.

2 month old stats:

  • 9lbs. 2 oz. - 10th percentile
  • 21 1/2" long - 16th percentile
  • Can't decide if she wants to be a thumb sucker, a "Texas long horn" baby (for those of you who don't understand, she likes to suck her two middle fingers only) or a paci baby!
  • sleeps all night long (from 10pm to about 6am) on her back, but prefers to sleep on her stomach during the day...but that only happens if someone is holding her because she still spits up so much!
  • Takes 1ml of zantac twice daily. Daddy thinks it's helping, Momma thinks the jury is still out (see reason below).
  • Has evening colic, but we're surviving...sometimes all you can do is laugh. She has been given the 3 week ultimatum tho! :)
  • Is happiest and most interactive in the morning.
  • Enjoys watching TV! Mostly the Rays games, we like to train them early!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The mind of a 7 year old boy!

After Brady was put to bed this evening he came out of his room and complained to Matthew that there was a beeping noise in his room. Matthew went in to check it out and couldn't find anything or hear anything, so Brady went back to bed. A few minutes later Brady came out again and said the beeping had started again. So Matthew went back in there and layed down on his bed with him. That's when the noise started back again. This was the conversation that followed:
Matthew: Brady is that the noise you hear?
Brady: Do you hear it too?
Matthew: It's just a cricket outside your window.
Brady: Crickets make that noise?
Matthew: Yes! They make it by rubbing their legs together.
Brady: Oh good! I thought it was a bomb!