Saturday, December 13, 2008

It will be in the 80's this week!

We just got back from a wonderful trip to the beach. It was a bit chilly for my liking, but it didn't stop the kids from getting in the water! I will probably be blogging about children with pneumonia in a few days, but hey, they'll have some great memories! There are waaayyy too many pictures to post, so I'll just be putting up a few here and there. I might make a slide show in a couple of weeks, if I can get around to it!

As for the trip, it was wonderfully relaxing. We got to the hotel on Thursday evening. We went down to the beach and let the kids play around. It was still pretty cloudy from the cold front moving through, but the sun would peek out every once in a while.

On Friday, the sun had come out but the wind was fierce. Matthew was trying to read the paper out by the pool and finally had to just give up. We pretty much just lazed around all day until dinner time. Then we went to "The Grill" for dinner. This was probably the fanciest restaurant the kids have ever been in. I'm talking polished silverware, glass goblets...the works. When we first sat down (at a table far far far away from everyone else) I was a little stressed at the fact that my 8 and 5 year old were going to be drinking out of glass goblets. However, as usual, they were excellent. We enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner, delightful conversations, and impeccable service. When we left the restaurant, the Ladies that seat people and take reservations stopped us to tell us how wonderful the kids were. They said "they are by far the best behaved fine dining children they have ever had!" They also asked us to please bring them back anytime! We'll have to save up for another 15 years or so to do that again.

On Saturday, we headed back down to the beach. The wind had died down considerably at this point, but it was still a bit chilly. But not enough to stop the kids. They played in the sand and a little bit in the water and then went up to the pool for a dip. By lunchtime, I thought the excitement of vacation was starting to wear on Brady, I later realized that it was not that but perhaps the fact that my son was developing an allergic reaction to guess is the luxurious feather bedding we slept on. Anyways, at lunch he was getting quite ornery. His eyes were bothering him from the chlorine and he was complaining about the wind hurting his eyes so I gave him my sunglasses to wear. However, he kept griping and complaining so like any mother, I told him: "If you don't change your attitude, then I am going to make you lay down and take a nap!" Do you know what his response was???? "Rock stars don't take naps!" How do you keep a straight face after a comment like that? He did change his attitude and I guess had we known he was suffering from an allergic reaction, I would have been a little more sympathetic to his discomfort. Whoda thunk that an allergy like that would take nearly 2 days to show up?!?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's that time of year again...flu season!

Thanks for everyone's patience in my lack of posting lately. As many of you can appreciate how busy this time of year is and then on top of it all we had some nasty virus go through our household...and of course I got the worse case of all. The kids both got ear infections several days apart and bounced back pretty quickly after getting some antibiotics in them. Me on the other hand got what I was positive was a full blown case of the flu. I woke up one morning and got every single flu symptom as the day wore on. I went to the Dr. that afternoon, but since I wasn't running a fever he determined that it was a virus instead. So off to CVS yet again to get my antibiotic. Needless to say, I'm still coughing and sniffling here 5 days later!

The day after Thanksgiving, we got very brave and let Abbey have a sleepover. We invited all the little girls from church. We had a total of 5 girls (including Abbey) + Brady + one of the boys from church came over just for the evening. We had a really fun time and the kids got along really well. They made some holiday crafts, played flash light tag, watched a movie and then "camped out" upstairs in their sleeping bags.

The picture above is the kids playing flashlight tag. They are pretty inventive with games. They turned out all the lights in the room (the spots you see on the wall are from the flashlights) and then tried not to get tagged with someone else's flashlight beam. This picture was taken in the dark, but because of the flash you can't tell that the room is pitch black.

I have to say, foam crafts are great! They already have adhesive on the backs and all the pieces are already cut out. And since I had bought these last year after christmas, I got a great deal on them...glad I remembered I still had them!