Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yet Another...

...month has past.  My sweet baby girl is now 4 weeks old.  Where does the time go?  We had a closet company come out and look at Kinley and Sophie's closet to give us a quote on a system that would help store all of their clothes since we don't have room for two dressers.  I made a statement to the man that the girls would probably only be sharing a room for about 5 or so years because Abbey might be heading off to college at that point and free up one of the bedrooms.  Did you hear what I just said???  When Sophie starts kindergarten, Abbey will be starting her senior year of high school.  Sigh

So I will just focus on the here and now to keep me from having a breakdown.

Everyone seems to be adjusting very well.  Kinley loves being a big sister and is a great big help.  She is a pro at throwing away dirty diapers (both hers and Sophies).  Sophie is doing great with sleep.  For most of this past week she has been having a 6+ hour stretch at night.  She still fluctuates between 2 and 3 hour feeds during the day which is fine by me.  I don't have an official weigh in since we don't go back to the doctor until she's 2 months, but I think she is about 8 pounds 12 or 14 oz. (so she's gained about a pound in 2 weeks).  She is trying really hard to talk and coo and I think we've even gotten a few intentional smiles.

Sophie lost her umbilical cord right after her two week check up so she has been enjoying her baths in the nice warm water.  Her first bath she did scream, but she was already mad to start.  She has loved all her baths since then.