Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

This is just a list of the few random thoughts going through my head!

Thought #1: I really wish I blogged more.  If I spent more time blogging and less time reading other peoples blogs, then I wouldn't feel so bad about not updating my children's baby books.

Thought #2: I stalk WAAAAAYYYYYY too many blogs.  It's pretty embarrassing when I have a conversation that goes like this:  "Oh my goodness, you'll never believe what I heard today.  My friend...well she's not really my friend...I know her from on-line...well I don't really know her, I read her blog...and well, never mind it's not really that interesting" and then I slink away red faced and hoping I didn't reveal just how much of a nerd I really am.

Thought #3: I wonder if anyone stalks my blog. :-)

Thought #4: I need to work on my patience.  Yesterday morning when we were supposed to be walking out the door to leave for school, the kids were in Abbey's room goofing off.  When I went in there to get onto them about not being ready for school, they said they wanted to show me something with Itty Bitty.  Instead of letting them show me, I yelled at them and told them we didn't have time and we were going to be late for school.  In retrospect, I felt really bad about it.  They were having so much fun with their baby sister making her laugh harder than she has ever laughed before and I cut that short.  I apologized to them after school.

Thought #5: I really wish I had a talent for photography.  So often I look at something the kids are doing and I can see a great photo opportunity.  I want to be able to look back at that photo and not only SEE what they were doing but FEEL the memory.  I'm lucky if my photo turns out with the kids in focus.  And to think I had a whole semester of photography in college.  What did I learn? That I really don't have a talent for photography.

Thought #6:  I am really happy for my friends who have recently added to their family through the gift of adoption.  I think about the birth mothers' selfless act that gave these special families these amazing little blessings.  I think about the Lord's hand in these situations and I am so thankful.

Thought #7: I was beginning to wonder if I was being too protective of Brady because I still don't let him go into public restrooms by himself (he has to go in the ladies restroom with me) and then I read stories like this and it just reaffirms my actions.  And to think we were just at Lowry Park last week over spring break. 

Thought #8: Thought #7 really made me think about my "danger radar" and I wonder how many times my radar has protected my children from something or someone horrible.  Sometimes things like that keep me up at night.

Thought #9: Perhaps my "danger radar" has been enhanced by watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU.  Note to self: do not watch those shows right before going to bed.

Thought #10: I have really bizarre dreams sometimes.  Note to self: stop watching Criminal Minds and SVU right before going to bed!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Way Back Whensday!

My computer crashed a little over a year ago and I lost all my pictures that were on that hard drive. But, my hubby, my hero saved the day. He took the old computer to his IT guy and was able to rescue all (I think) of my pictures. So last night I was browsing the disc and came across some really funny pictures, that I'm sure my kids will be mortified that I am posting, but oh well that's our privilege as parents right?

Brady has always had a fascination of climbing into small confined spaces.  Never could quite figure this one out.  And for those of you who are wondering who that pretty little girl he is sitting with in the laundry basket...that is one special Kit Kat!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Strength from the Lord

When I was a child I often thought about becoming a nurse.  Then the older I got the more I realized I really didn't handle viewing medical procedures all too well.  I've passed out at the sight of my own blood.  Had to turn away from seeing my child getting stitches.  Had zero desire to see my own children being born.  In a million years I never thought I would be able to take on the task of giving anyone, my child none the less, a shot.  But here we are.  Abbey began a medication this weekend that is administered in injection form.  We all learned how to do the injection, but Abbey hasn't built up the courage yet to give it to herself.  So each night mean old mom sticks her with a needle.  She is so brave and determined.  Please pray for her and pray for me that the Lord will continue to give me the strength to do this.  We have this medicine on a trial basis as our insurance has denied initial coverage.  The medicine is VERY EXPENSIVE and not something we can afford to do without coverage.  However, the mfg. of this medicine is providing it to us at no charge on a temporary basis.  We are hoping that Abbey will respond to the medication in a way that we can use it as leverage for the insurance company.  I think even harder than inflicting the pain of a needle on your child is the knowledge that your child would benefit from a medication that you can not provide for them.