Friday, October 23, 2009


That is our risk of miscarriage now at this point. Less than 2%! Praise the Lord! We had our final appointment with our specialist yesterday and our first official OB appointment today. Everything looked great! The baby was very active and even had the hiccups yesterday. We got to see 5 perfect little fingers on one hand (the other hand was not in a spot where we could see it). The blood in the uterus seems to be absorbing which is exactly what the doctor was hoping for. Everything is going so well in fact that I have been permitted to start vacuuming again! WAAAAAHHHHH! Well it was a nice 6 week ride anyways! Matthew has been amazing. He works all week long and then would have to come home and do a lot of my jobs! He's a trooper! But, it's back to the grindstone for me!

Abbey and Brady had the day off from school and since my dr. appointment was smack in the middle of the day, they were invited to spend the night at Mimmy's house and went to the playground today. After my appointment was over we picked up the kids and took them to the Toy Story double feature! Can I just say I love those movies. I think they are by far the best pixar movies EVA! The story lines are just so much fun...I never get tired of watching them. Plus it was in 3D which was pretty cool. It was a long day/evening but we're back at home and I am fixin to head to bed. The insides of my eyelids are calling my name!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Much to cram...

I know it's been a looooonnnnngggg time since I've blogged. I've been having to save what little mental capacity I have for the kids' homework. As far as Baby Johnson goes, everything is still going well (aside from the complete lack of energy). We had another appointment today with our specialist. I still have some blood in the uterus and although it is not currently causing any harm to the baby, there is some concern that the blood could cause the uterus to become irritated and start contracting. So for now, I am still on very limited activity. My doctor is taking me off the baby aspirin therapy and reducing the progesterone to only once a day! Praise the Lord! I will go in one more time next week to see him and then he will officially release me to my OB here in town. That will definitely be a bittersweet day. On the one hand, it means I'm "out of the woods" and we can actually breathe a sigh of relief and start really enjoying this blessing. On the other hand, it means no more weekly sonograms that provide reassurance that all is going well.

The kids are really getting excited about their future sibling. Brady has been praying for a boy, but Abbey says she is happy with either a brother or a sister. Secretly I think she is just selfish enough to know that if this baby is a boy then she will remain the "princess" of the family. And if the baby is a girl, then she will thrilled because that means she will have a brother AND a sister.
We did, however, have a minor meltdown last night with her. Is is possible to have sibling rivalry with a child who isn't even born yet??? The way the house is set up now, the baby's room will more than likely be what used to be our guest bedroom, which has a bathroom next to it. Abbey and Brady's room share a separate bathroom. According to Diva Abbey, it's not fair that the baby is going to have it's own bathroom. So she is proposing that since she is the oldest, she should have her own bathroom. BUT, she's not willing to give up her room. She'd rather walk out of her bedroom into the hallway through the family room into another hallway and then into the "3rd bathroom" just to have her "own" bathroom! Seriously, where does this kid come up with these things? So we had to have the "sense of entitlement...blah blah blah, ungrateful heart...blah blah blah" talk with her. And then we further explained that neither one of them was going to get their own bathroom until they prove they can keep one clean!

Brady has decided that he WILL change diapers if the baby is a boy but not if it's a girl. Brady is also addicted to the "Froggy" book series. And has decided that if we have a girl, then he wants to name her Pollywogilina. I have officially removed him and Matthew from the naming committee.

Please continue to pray that we will make it safely into the second trimester and that all will go well throughout the rest of the pregnancy. Our official due date is May 16, 2010. May is a very busy month for birthdays and anniversaries so I'm sure we will hit someone's important day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are you positive?

Apparently I am!

Over labor day weekend we were surprised with the wonderful news that we are expecting again! Some of you are aware of the struggles we have had over the past few years, so we pray that you all will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy. The unofficial due date is May 17th. We have already had two doctors appointments and everything seems to be growing exactly the way it should. Praise the Lord. Next week I will go in for a dating ultrasound, but I'm pretty sure the due date wont change by much.

Because of our history of miscarriages, I have to be especially careful out in public because I can not take the flu shot (at least not in the first trimester, maybe later on though). So if I don't shake hands or hug at church or if you see me using hand sanitizer after touching you, please do not be offended!

Thank you again for all your prayers over the next few months.