Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are you positive?

Apparently I am!

Over labor day weekend we were surprised with the wonderful news that we are expecting again! Some of you are aware of the struggles we have had over the past few years, so we pray that you all will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy. The unofficial due date is May 17th. We have already had two doctors appointments and everything seems to be growing exactly the way it should. Praise the Lord. Next week I will go in for a dating ultrasound, but I'm pretty sure the due date wont change by much.

Because of our history of miscarriages, I have to be especially careful out in public because I can not take the flu shot (at least not in the first trimester, maybe later on though). So if I don't shake hands or hug at church or if you see me using hand sanitizer after touching you, please do not be offended!

Thank you again for all your prayers over the next few months.


Tara said...

Oh my Gosh, that is so exciting...Congratulations to you and the family! You will definetely be in our prayers!!

Kelly Spezzano said...

I just can't hardly contain my excitement! Joshua is going to have to learn how to be a good big cousin

Dani said...

We are so very happy for you, and are praying very much for another happy little Johnson baby - just not for one named Cash. haha.

Anonymous said...

What a Blessed Poppa I am. Love and Kisses and Prayers and Praise to our Gracious God.

Anonymous said...

:):):):):):):):):):) We are SOOOOOOOOO excited. Lindsey is really looking forward to being the "big" little cousin of the second round of Miller grandkids!

Hmm the grandkids arrive in groups of three. I guess this means that Kyle is going to have to have three kids of his own in a few years. ;)

Amanda said...

Congratulations!! Will keep you and the precious little one in my prayers! Babies are such a blessing(and so are good mama's!)
p.s. I bet you will have 2 GREAT babysitters :)