Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 months

This is a few weeks delayed I is busy with 3 kids, two of which are in school.  Kinley has moved past her evening colic but has developed lap colic.  This is a non-medical term for spoilousrottenitis!  And if you still haven't figured it out, that means she is very happy when she is being held or the center of attention.  Hmmm can we say 3rd child syndrome already?  Kinley loves going with me to the kids school to volunteer.  She hangs out in the snugglie (although I'm not sure how much longer my back can handle that) facing out so that she can see all the kids.  And of course all the kids at school just love when she comes to school too.  We have not started her on solids yet, although it is definitely right around the corner.  She is very interested in all the food on the table and if you are holding her while your eating she is always trying to grab at food and put it in her mouth.  Don't even try to sit down to dinner without bringing her to the table with you.  She of course if a Johnson baby which means she is petite!  Weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds 4 ounces (with a slightly wet diaper) she is only in the 3rd percentile for weight.  She is however in the 20th percentile for height at 23 1/4".  Kinley is rolling all over the place.  If you put her on her blanket you will eventually find her about two feet away with a trail of spitty from here to there!  Her favorite toy is a book that is very crinkly with lots of colors and textures that are great to chew on.  Although her hands are always in her mouth and everyone swears she is about to cut teeth, there are no nubbins of toofers yet.  We are enjoying every minute with her.  We can't even remember what life was like before she was a part of our family.

Happy 4 Months Bitty Baby!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4 months Bitty Baby! Ha, love the part about the trail of spitty!


Kelly Spezzano said...

I just love her smile! Notice how her eyes disappear when that smile comes on? Just like her momma! :) I too liked the trail of spitty!

Brittany said...


Dani said...

Why can't I get cute petite babies? That's what Ruth weighed at a month.

What a smile!