Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 15 - Dream House

We built a house a few years ago and had an absolutely amazing experience.  We are so blessed to have this house.  It is my dream house because of my wonderful husband and kids who live here with me.  So since I already have my dream home, I thought I would change it up a bit.

With Matthew being in the industry that he is in, real estate has always been an interest of his and mine!  Even though we have no intention of moving/building again anytime soon, we always like to check out real estate listings in the area and just see what homes are selling for.  Some of you may recall a few months ago, a certain popular golfer became a fixture in the tabloids over an incident that occurred outside his home.  Well as it turns out, this golfer happens to live not too far from us in a community called Windemere.  This subdivision is the home of several other local sporting celebrities (Shaquille O'Neal and Warren Sapp).  Recently, I was curious to see what homes in this golfing community were selling for during this housing slump and I came across this unbelievable listing:

This is a "single" family home listed for a cool $100,000,000! No, I did not type that incorrectly...One Hundred MILLION dollars is the listing price for this UNFINISHED property!  The owner of this property, David Siegel, is currently slumming it in a 20,000sf $5.5 million dollar shack.  Apparently 20,000 square feet is just a bit too tight of living quarters so he and his wife decided they needed to build this monstrosity: 66,800sf 13 bedrooms, 23 baths on 10.12 acres.  Unfortunately, as CEO of Orlando based company Westgate Resorts, the economy has stunted his income a bit so he halted construction of his property.  Now I know many of my readers out there have this kind of cash just laying around, but don't rush right out and pay full asking price for this little vacation cottage.  You could save $25M by purchasing it unfinished.  And with the $25M you save, I'm sure you and the Home Depot sales clerk could come up with a few "home improvement" weekend projects to finish up the job!  Read more about this bargain basement property here.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, excuse me, but you failed to mention the banquet kitchen and the TEN satellite kitchens. Just what I want, a house with 23 bathrooms AND 11 kitchens to clean! I am so plunking down $100,000,000 for this steal of a deal!


Kelly Spezzano said...

ROFL!!!! You really are so creative! Love this post! :)