Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All About Abbey!

Abbey might be my mini-me when it comes to looks, but personality wise we couldn't be more opposite!  She's outgoing, chatty and LOVES to be the center of attention.  This year in 5th grade the writing curriculum focuses on persuasive writing which includes speeches.  So all 5th graders have to write a speech for student government elections.  Abbey's speech was so cute, and she wrote it all by herself.  I barely had to help her at all.  She did her speech in class today and hopefully she will find out in the next day or so if she made it through to the next level.

Abbey also just started taking violin lessons.  The school she goes to offers it to all 5th graders during the school day...which means it's an extra curricular activity that I don't have to chauffeur any kids to! YAY!  She is loving it already and is very eager to practice and learn more.  They haven't started learning how to use the bow yet, just plucking!


Anonymous said...

Abbey Rose, you ROCK! You have Mimmy's vote, and I can't wait to come over and hear some of that beautiful violin music in person!


Brittany said...

Awesome speech...great enthusiasm!

When I think about speaking in front of people my stomach turns in knots. She's got a gift.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Way to go Abbey-o! or should I say, "Madam, President"? :)