Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 19 & Day 20 - A Talent and a Hobby

I realize it was quite a while ago when I left off, but life with 3 kids can get busy. My sister reminded me that I had promised I would finish this task, so I decided to combine these two days, besides the fact that I'm so far behind, because to me they are essentially the same (in my case). I would say my talent/hobby is party planning. I love to throw parties. I love to decorate. I love to be creative with the invitations. I love to decorate cakes/cup cakes! Some of my favorite parties I've done were of course for my own family. I think my favorite was when Brady turned four he wanted a pirate party. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the invitations, but they were totally cool. I printed out the invitation to look like a treasure map with the "X" marks the spot at our house. I then soaked the paper in tea to give it a rustic look and then I burned the edges to finish off the look. I rolled them up and tied a string around them and placed them in a clear glass bottle and hand delivered them to each party guest. For the party day, I had a sand box filled with trinkets and "jewels" for the kids to dig for buried treasure. Kelly used eyeliner to draw scars, beards and other piratey things on the kids faces. All the kids got pirate bandannas, eye patches and a gold hoop earring as part of their goodie bag. They also got a mini bucket and shovel filled with a small vanilla pudding treat with crushed vanilla wafers on top to make it look like it was filled with sand. I of course made a pirate ship cake and for the grand finale, I had made two giant card board ships and divided the kids (and adults) into two teams. Each team got behind one of the pirate ships. Each team received a bag of jumbo marshmallows (cannons) and they had a marshmallow fight. I do believe the grownups had more fun pelting one another with marshmallows than the kids, and who knew a marshmallow could leave a welt. I do have pictures from the party itself, however they are still stuck on the computer that crashed at the end of last year. So instead I will leave you with some other pictures from parties I have done.


Anonymous said...

Nobody can hold a candle to you in the party department!


Dani said...

Yep, that's the truth.