Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 25 - My day as a SAHM!

I sleep in until about 10 or 11, wake up and eat breakfast.  Curl up on the couch with some bon-bons and my DVR'd soap operas and...what?!? Isn't that what people assume SAHMs do all day???

Here is my day:

5:15am - wake up and pump (sorry for the TMI, but that's what I do)
5:30am - start making breakfast and lunches for the kids
6:00am - wake up Kinley to feed her (Abbey and Brady are getting up and dressed at this time too).
6:45am - get dressed and ready to take kids to school
7:00am - out the door and in the truck
7:45am - back home from taking the kids to school (if I didn't have to "work" at the school).  Change
diaper dress Itty Bitty and give her medicine (still on Zantac for acid reflux).
8:00am - Kinley plays on the floor while I clean up kitchen, make bed fix myself some breakfast, eat and check emails. Sometimes I give Kinley a bath at this time, sometimes after she eats her cereal.
9:00am - feed Kinley cereal.
9:30am - playtime for Kinley (might be on the floor or the walker or reading books in the rocking chair with Momma).
10:00am - nurse Kinley
11:00am - Kinley down for a nap.  I try to get a few things done around the house at this time (doesn't always go as plan).  Eat lunch.
1:00pm - nurse Kinley
2:00pm - leave to pick kids up from school.
3:00pm - return home.  Help kids with homework, start getting dinner ready (when I actually make dinner).
4:00pm - nurse Kinley
5:00pm - finish working on dinner.  Big kids are in the bathtub/shower.
5:30-6:00ish - sit down to eat.
6:30-7:00ish - get up from the table, kids finish up homework if not already done.
7:00 until 8:00 - family time! We either watch Family Fued/Jeopardy together, play the wii, or play a board game.
8:00pm - Abbey and Brady in bed, Kinley takes her last feed.
9:00pm - Kinley in bed.  Veg-out time or computer time or school volunteer stuff
10ish - in bed, but may watch a little bit of tv to unwind, usually whatever sports game is on or the news.
Good Night, ready to start the day again!

Now understand, there are some days when this schedule is nowhere near what my day is like.  For instance, if I have errands to run, that's usually done when Kinley would be napping.  Some days I'm volunteering at the school for a while.  And then there are some days like today when Kinley refuses to take a nap so our whole schedule is thrown out the window! And then there is the weekend, where we just kinda go with the flow!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I sleep until 10 or 11 also and watch soaps all day too!


Anonymous said...

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Wheeeew I,m tired. Girl. This Poppa does know how hard you work and believe me I am so proud of you. I know that it is a labor of love, but still, Its a lot during the day and much of the time it goes un-noticed and un-appreciated. I just wanted to take the time to notice and appreciated.