Sunday, July 27, 2008

These are the days they will remember!

What a wonderful revival we had this weekend! Eld. Tim McCool and his family arrived on Thursday morning and we took them over to Sea World for the day. The kids had a blast. Although Abbey and Abigail and Madison had only met on one prior occasion, you would have never known. Before we got out of the airport, they were holding hands and chatting about everything under the know, just like a primitive baptist! We couldn't have asked for better weather to eat our way through Sea World. On Friday, we had the Abernathy kids come over to go swimming. All 10 of the kids got in the pool right around ten am and at three o'clock I had to shut down the pool. They all looked like little wrinkled prunes. I truly think they would have eaten lunch in the pool if I had allowed it! Everyone got showered and dressed and we headed off to chuch. As we arrived, the summer storms were moving in. As many of you know through the PB grapevine, we lost power for the entire preaching service (we put the "primitive" back in primitive baptist). Bro. Tim was unflappable however, despite it being his first experience preaching by candlelight, and spoke on the burdens both good and bad! My only regret is that we were unable to record the sermon. On Saturday morning we arrived back at church to find the power restored but the A/C still not working. No sweat (pun intended), we just plugged in a massive fan and had yet another spirit filled service. Bro. Tim preached on how we are to leave things better than we found them as Jesus Christ always did. After lunch, Bro. Chris Taylor from Vero Beach preached (while we took the McCool family back to the airport). And Saturday night we had an especially blessed communion service. Bro. Garland Varnum spoke on the bread, Bro. Chris Taylor spoke on the wine and Bro. Jerry Thomas spoke on the washing of the saints feet. We finished off our meeting with Bro. Buddy preaching part 5 of his series, Our Adversary (I Pet 5:8). Although I am saddend by the end of the meeting it just brings us one day closer to our next one which will be 3rd weekend in November with Eld. Ronald Lawrence. I'm so thankful for these times with our friends and families of like faith. I pray that our band of believers will continue to grow, so that my children's children will have these experiences to look back on and remember. Lifelong friendships are made at these meetings and it was so good to see all of you that we have been missing over the years. Thank you to all who visited! The Lord is Good!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend!!
I've watched the video at least 100 times already.
Nanna and Grandpa