Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summertime Boredom Cure #1


after (I can actually close the toyboxes now)

Well, as I lamented earlier this kids seem to be a bit underappreciative of the wonderful time of year called summer! So in order to cure this boredom I have decided to put them to work cleaning out toy boxes, dresser drawers, closets and of course the big playroom upstairs. I told them that since they couldn't find anything to occupy their time, that I would occupy their time by putting them to work and I have ultimate power over what stays and what goes. I marvel at the utter junk that accumulates in all the nooks and crannies of the kids rooms. I unfortunately did not get a before shot of Abbey's room, but I have included a before and after shot of Brady's room. I trust none of you will judge me and my inability to train my children to properly clean their rooms! And for all of you expectant mother's...just wait...your day is coming in the very near future when you too will look at your child's room and say "how in the world did it get this way?"

AAAAHHHHH! Can you feel the weight being lifted off a poor Mom's shoulders? 4 big black trash bags full of "donations" and 2 big black trash bags full of garbage! Man! I got a lot accomplished in one day! Hmmm we have company coming to town in a couple of weeks for our July chuch meeting...I wonder what else I can get done before then? Uuhhh, maybe a playground.


Dani said...

I remember having one of these days one time. It ended with my favorite doll ever, that I hadn't seen in months, being sold in our yard sale. haha

Kelly Spezzano said...

I think we need to see a pic of Rosalyn's little room! :) I have a question about your "ultimate power over what stays and what goes"- were there any fits pitched over what was in the donation bags? :)

Oh by the way, I cleaned out my closet a week or so ago too and was able to fit all the maternity clothes nicely, so if you don't have room to store them, don't worry about it!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of Brady tub cleaning!

B said...

I laughed at this post because when I was very young, I learned NOT to say I was bored. My mama did the very same thing. She had me weeding my room or knockin' off the dust when I felt the need to grumble. (Sorry, Mom that was probably one of those household "secrets" I should keep to myself :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mom, Abbey, and Brady did such a good job with their closets that it's time to come do Nanna and Grandpa's closets. That would be fun!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...


Would you believe there wasn't a single fit. I counted up toys that we had too many of and told them they had to choose a certain number and the rest would be given away. It worked out great!

I'm sure your Mom wont' mind sharing that "Family Secret". We call that a trick of the trade (the Mom trade that it)

Kelly Spezzano said...

I am so impressed! Although, Abbey and Brady have always had such big hearts, they probably don't mind sharing there toys with less fortunate!