Saturday, July 12, 2008

Political Activist - Trailblazer for all things Sacred!

I would like to invite you all to participate in my boycott. My husband and kids have proclaimed me tragically un-hip, but I ask you is it un-hip to take a stance against something? This is America of the free, home of the brave. And what may you ask is my boycott against? "It's a hand gesture normally associated with sporting events and Bud Lite commercials. Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel reportedly adopted the gesture as a friendly way to avoid his contestants' germs." (M.J. Stephy of Time). It is the ever growing popular "fist bump". After the hoopla that Presidential Candidate Barack Obama recieved after the highly publized fist bump with his wife, I thought "This is potentially our next U.S. President. Someone who is supposed to be poised with grace and wisdom. Someone who should be setting the example of proper etiquette to a nation who has lost its way in a gadget happy society where personal contact has declined as separation has grown. I tell you we need to see our future leaders displaying the kind of relationship with their wives that show love and respect and NOT the fear of contracting a germ. We need to see our future leaders treating this office with the respect it deserves, not the worldly gesture of a victory to some non-life changing sporting victory! Don't get me wrong, the fist bump is perfectly acceptable in the sporting arena, but I will choose to remain "Tragically un-hip". I will fight! You can't make me do it! I take a stand and I will not back down!


Kelly Spezzano said...

This was kind of a funny post to me... Don't ask me why, I just found it whimsicle! :)

I will agree to be unhip with you! I promise to not fist bump my hubby (unless of course in the unlikely event that we are somehow involved in watching some sports thingy) :) I will also not encourage your children to fist bume in an effort to convince them that we are MUCH cooler than Matt! :)

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I'm glad you found the humor in it! It was meant to be a lighthearted protest! Thanks for rallying with me to change the world!

Anonymous said...

Go You Girl Friend, I agree whole heartily. Count me in on the "unhip Generation". I totaly lost out on being hip when every one else was wearing penny loafers I was still wearing saddle oxfords. after many years of being un-hip I finnally got my first pair and lo and behold everyone else was wearing wing tips. Shoes lasted alot longer back then and by the time I got my first wing tips Platform shoes were the rage. Oh My, Imagin my how unhip it was to finnally progress to platforms, mutton chops and the raised two finger Peace sign, only to have the President of the united states (Richard Nixion) stand in front of the american Public with extended arms and a peace sign on both hands declaring "he was not a crook". You mentioned Presidential poise and grace and wisdom and setting an example, we had it. Well soon to follow was "hand jive" which I never was able to master but found out that if I just held my hand still, other more tallented folks could slap and carry on in such a way that it almost made me hip. ( NOT ) Eveloution has brought us to High fives and the fear of Aids (germ warfare) has evolved to fist bumping. I just don't know anymore that its hip to be hip. I'm hoping that its more hip to be un-hip. What do you think? Boycotting is Hip. I'm with you girl.

Love Dad

Dani said...

Hehehehehe, I love the comments almost as much as the post. Hahahahaha.

I personally think he just looks stupid when he does it. Why not give her a modest kiss and a hug? I mean they are in love right, cause they are married right?

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

My point exactly, Dani!