Monday, July 21, 2008

An assortment of information!

We invite all who can make it to our July Meeting this coming weekend! Eld. Tim McCool from Alabama will be joining us. We will have services on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and our communion service will be Saturday evening. If anyone needs a place to stay, feel free to contact us. We have plenty of room at our house and I know we have several other families who have opened up their homes!
Brady: Momma, what's in heaven?
Me: God is in heaven.
Brady: What else?
Me: Well God's children that have already died are there too, but we don't know what else. Just that it is better than you could ever imagine.
Abbey: Jesus is in heaven too Mom!
Me: Yes Jesus is in heaven too.
Brady: Uhhh, I tink (he can't say the "th" sound) the Holy Ghost is there too right Momma?
Me: That's right Brady...I'm so happy you remembered what we have talked about...
Brady: Uhhh is he a real Ghost?
To that the conversation just ended. Brady wasn't interested in learning the difference between a ghost on Scooby Doo and the Holy Ghost. We will try again later!
We have been through a very difficult couple of weeks and need the prayers of all of you. We went over to my parents house last night for dinner and had a wonderful time. Abbey got the church song books out and we had our own little "church hymn sing". There are few things more heartwarming than seeing your children scour the church hymnals for the song they are thinking of and then attempt to lead the song just like the song leaders do. Abbey was so cute this evening. She wanted to sing this one particular song and in our song book she knows how to look it up in the "I" section, however, my parents have an older book and she couldn't find it. So she was trying to explain it to us. She said "I know it starts with I and it has God in it" which is only 85% of the songs. So after about 15 minutes of trying to guess different songs that we know she calls out frequently she finally remembered that the way we sing it is girls start and then boys sing! Ahhhh, of course..."I will call upon the Lord"...if you could have seen the sheer happiness on her face, again not too many more heartwarming moments. Hymn singing does a heart good! We went home last night humming all our favorites looking forward to Wednesday night when we can call out some long lost hymns that were rediscovered last night!


Kelly Spezzano said...

Good Times! Good Times!

Even Jim was singing last night! That kind of suprised me! (in a good way)

I hope Joshua loves church songs as much as Abbey does!

Oh and BTW- Is the Holy Ghost a real ghost? (ha ha just kidding)

Anonymous said...

How cute are they??? Poppa could just eat them up. By the by, I will try to remember to send you the video of Abbey leading the singing at our house. As Kelly said, Good Times.....Good Memories. I wish the Riffels could have been there. Thank You for the gift of music.

Love Poppa
aka:Borrowed Dad
aka:Borrowed Poppa

Dani said...

when you figure out how to explain to Brady exactly what the Holy Ghost/Spirit is, let me know. I'm not sure that I get it even now.