Monday, January 5, 2009

"Winter" Break is over!

Today was the last day of "winter" break for the kids. Back to school tomorrow they go! And when I say "winter" I do use that term very loosely! We spent half the day at the park where the kids played in their shorts and t-shirts as sweat rolled down their faces! When we got in the truck to leave the park the temp read 95 degrees! I'm sorry, to all my Northern livin' friends who suffered through the ice storm last night. Now granted it wasn't actually 95 degrees (that was probably just the heat index...that's the opposite of wind chill for all my Yankee's out there), it was actually around 85! So we left the park and headed to the civic center for some ice skating! Yes, you heard me correctly! Now here is where my Yankee friends get to make fun of us...just watch the video of all the Floridian's out on ice and you'll see what I mean. Abbey picked it up pretty quickly, Brooke and Brady didn't want to stray too far from the wall, but they both did well. We all skated for a good 2 hours straight. Me thinks me ankles will be hurtin tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That was a great day for the last day of WINTER break!! It looks like you have some Olympic contenders in the family. Thanks so much for the glimpse of the day. It rained quite hard and was gloomy all day here in Alabama.
Have fun back at school.
Nanna and Grandpa

Kelly Spezzano said...

Brady is so cute with his little step step step skating! I can't believe how well Abbey picks up on things of the sporting nature! And poor Brooke all by her lonesome... well, at least she had the wall to keep her company! Hee Hee (j/k)

Anonymous said...

We had a blast ice skating! I can't wait till November!

sweet tooth said...

Oh wow! I didn't know Ya'll went ice skating.

Anonymous said...

Gramma had fun too, doing what grammas do best. The video is great.