Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Christmas usually ends up being a 2-3 week event in our family. Between traveling and trying to coordinate every one's schedules, we just know to plan for a very busy December!

We had a wonderful time up in Alabama the week before Christmas visiting with Matthew's parents. We went to Bro. Tim McCool's church in Gordo or actually I think it's a town called Echols(sp). Sis. Tracey (in case some of you haven't heard) had her 5th child on Dec. 17th...a little girl named Lila Cecelia. So she was still at the hospital and we weren't able to see her. But we did get to visit a short bit with Bro. Tim and the kids had a blast playing with the McCool kids.

The Tuesday before Christmas we left Alabama and drove to Macon with Matthew's parents to visit some more of Matthew's side of the family. I don't think we have been up there since before Brady was born, so it was nice to visit and catch up!

We then drove home on Christmas Eve, stopping at every Hess gas station along the way looking for the 2008 Hess Truck for Mom and Dad to give to Joshua. Unfortunately we had no luck! We were also on a mission from Mom to find Hoover Corn Meal. For some reason you can't find it down here...but we did find it at the Harvey's Supermarket right outside of Tifton...I think! I'm am expecting a plate full of yummy fried cornbread any day now...I think the 3 five pound bags I bought for her will cover her until our next trip up to GA!

Christmas morning we woke up in our own beds...aaahhhhh! And saw that Santa had visited our house! The kids both got bicycles from Santa. Abbey also got this fun karaoke game for the PS3. It has all the hit songs from Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, High School Musical, Camp Rock along with a few other unknowns (at least to us)! So, Abbey, being the rock star she is, loves this game!

Finally, on Saturday, we had the Miller family gathering! The kids scored some more loot and I think we all gained another couple of extra pounds from the good food we've been livin off of for the last few weeks. Brady is still asking people if they have presents in the back of their truck! It has become a great teaching tool. Brady now knows how to spell the word "over"! As in, "Brady, I've told you 300 times, Christmas is over...O-V-E-R! There will be no more presents until your just 2 short months"! I think I will adopt the rule of 1 in 3 out in the toy area!


Anonymous said...

Nanna and Grandpa had a GREAT time this Christmas. Thanks for coming to Alabama.
May God bless us all in 2009.
Love, Nanna and Grandpa

sweet tooth said...

WOW I have not been to your blog in a long time I am so sorry. It look like had a good time, and it looks like Abbey and Brady got up pretty early, I can see its still a little dark outside.well I've g2g

Lydia :)

sweet tooth said...


Kelly Spezzano said...

Abbey looks like a superstar singing on her "Abbeyokie" game! LOL

Owl of the Desert said...

What cute Christmas photos! I didn't know Matt's family was from the Gordo/Echol's area. Glad ya'll had a wonderful Christmas and safe travels.

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Owl, Matt's parents are members at 5 Mile.