Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to share our fun Halloween with everyone. Since Brady is in Kindergarten this year (and according to Abbey: "Kindergartners have all the fun") I spent the day up at school on Friday to help out with their "Fall Celebration," because as you all know we can't say the word Halloween in the public school system. They had a scavenger hunt in the Pine Wood Flats right outside their classroom. They had to find a brown string among all the pine needles. A little brown acorn and a number of other things. They also got to make spider hats to wear for the whole day. And of course, what is a celebration without some snacks? They got to make a spider snack and pumpkins on rice cakes...yummo!
This is Brady and his friend Peyton showing off their spider hats!

I procrastinated a bit on purchasing our pumpkin this year, so on Thursday afternoon (yes the day before Halloween) I ran into Publix to pick up a pumpkin. Unfortunately, all they had left was pumpkins that already had faces painted on them. So to avoid running all over creation to find a pumpkin that wasn't already decorated, the kids opted for the painted pumpkin with the stipulation that we would carve the back of the pumpkin. They chose the pig face. That way we could have a cute face that wouldn't scare people and a carved face that would! Hence our scary Dracula carving! And boy were our roasted pumpkins seeds gooood!
Halloween night we went over to the Abernathy's haunted house party and Trick or Treating in their neighborhood. All the kids were so cute in their costumes. Abbey was in a Sharpay (from High School Musical) dress, but decided since she didn't have long blond hair like the girl in the movie, that she would just be another girl from the movie who "would probably have liked to have that dress too." Brady, as if you couldn't tell was Optimus Prime from Transformers. This is his newest fancy right now. He is so observant. He has several Transformer books that show all of the characters both good and bad and he pointed out to Matthew yesterday that all the bad Transformers have red eyes and all the good Transformers have blue eyes! So if you ever come face to face with a Transformer, now you know how to tell if he is a good guy or a bad guy!

I also have some very interesting shots of our Pastor in his Halloween costume, but I was strongly advised that posting such pictures could adversely affect Matthew's deacon ordination in 2 weeks!


Dani said...

Too cute!

So you can't post the pictures of Bro. Buddy but he didn't say you couldn't email them. I want to see these photos. :)

Owl of the Desert said...

I LOVE the dracula pumpkin. Nice carving! And, Brady & Abby's costumes are so cute.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Yes, I too would like to have emailed photos of my pastor's halloween costume! :)

I am especially thankful to know the info about the Transformers, I am sure I will run into one one of these days! LOL

Glad ya'll had a good time!