Monday, October 27, 2008

What am I going to do with that boy???

I know we want our little boys to be "manly men" and like boy things and be rough and tough, but I do believe Brady might be a little bit on the ridiculous side. This past spring, I was shopping for "Easter" outfits when I came across this really handsome button down dress shirt in a pale pink with a tie to match. I of course showed it to Brady where he proceeded to fall into near convulsions at the thought of wearing pink. Needless to say, he does not own any pink clothing. He also refuses to wash his hands in public restrooms where the soap is pink. Are you kidding me?!? He loses that battle each and every time. So now he has been invited to be in my cousins wedding! Wow, what an exciting thing for a kid. I was so excited to tell him! Here is how the conversation went:

me: Brady, I have some exciting news for you.
Brady: What?
me: Ashley wants you to be in her wedding!
Brady(with the "you're tricking me" look on his face): Moooommmm!
me: No really, she wants you and Jack (one of my other cousins who's 3) to be the ring bearers. You get to wear a really handsome suit and walk down the aisle holding the rings.
Brady: ummmm, No Sank you!
me: But Brady, you get to get all dressed up. Remember how Uncle Kyle got to be in Mom and Dad's wedding? You can be just like Uncle Kyle.
Brady: No sanks, Mom.
me(sternly): Brady, you're going to be in that wedding and you're going to look handsome and you're going to be happy about it and that's it!

Now I am going to have to break it to him that not only is he going to be in a wedding that he apparently doesn't want to be in, but he's going to have to wear PINK! Oy!


Anonymous said...

Maybe he can wear his spiderman sunglasses, so he can't tell that he has a pink shirt.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't already love that cute little boy, I would fall in love with him!

Pink soap, are you KIDDING?!?!?!? I think he tries to pull that at my house, but he never gives me any flack!

Love the new changes!


Kelly Spezzano said...

*Note to self...monitor what Brady teaches Joshua about "pink soap"- Hee Hee!

Dani said...

Just tell him he's wearing light red. That worked for my Mother with my youngest brother. He wouldn't wear pink, until she told him it was a light or washed out red.

Maybe he'll change his mind about the wedding later, anyway.