Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby Joshua

Kelly, Jim and Joshua got home from the hospital this afternoon. This evening we took the kids over to see their new baby cousin for the first time. Abbey has been bouncing off the walls the last few days waiting for the big moment. The kids of course were head over heals in love, as we all are! He is such a beautiful baby. I'm sorry the video of the kids holding Joshua is so dark, that's what you get for using a digital camera that really isn't designed to take videos. But at least you can hear what they are saying. I've also included some cute photos of Joshua at the hospital and from tonight too.


Anonymous said...

How precious is that video, I love it. And I love thoes Babies. I love how Brady can't stop kissing Joshua. And Abbey keeps straighting his hair. And I think we all can learn from Abbey's rules of following God. Especially Reading our Bibles almost everyday. Thanks For Sharing the Pic's & video with us.

Proud Poppa

Anonymous said...

Priceless! Your kids are the sweetest things out there! Great job Abbey for your list of rules.

Love, Mimmy

Dani said...

My favorite of Abbey's rules is to "Not be like Satan."

Gary's favorite, of course, "You HAVE to sing."

strem said...

You must be such a proud aunt! He's sure a cutie!

Dana said...

Wow, he is beautiful!! I am a bit partial to the name too! I have been anxiously waiting to see the pictures. Maybe the two Joshua's will meet soon!
Love in Christ,