Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's an "Obamanation"

(picture of me and U.S. Congressman Adam Putnam, who will run for president in the near future...mark my words).

Matthew coined a new phrase yesterday and I would like to give him full credit. We just heard a very powerful sermon on Sunday about the abominations in this world (homosexuality and abortion to name a few). So we have now been shown a new "obamanation." It has been a long political year and the country has made a decision. And, as you all know, this was not the decision I was hoping for, but as a God Fearin' Woman, I will now pray for the Lord to give President Elect Obama the wisdom and the strength to run this country.

As some of you know, I had the pleasure of attending one of the Sarah Palin Political Rallies held at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City. This was my first rally and truly an enjoyable experience. Sis. Sheila and Joan invited me and I invited my Mom. So it was just a couple of us "uneducated white women" that went, because according to a Tampa news channel this morning, the reason Obama won the state of Florida was due to the "Educated White Folks along the I-4 corridor." Could that be more insulting? Anyway, I digress. We had a wonderful time, listened to some inspiring speeches and had a great time fellowshiping as well.

My children, the young republicans that they are, were disappointed that they did not get to go, but watched a little bit of it on TV and cheered the Republican party on! Abbey is very interested in politics right now. Danielle and I had a very in depth conversation with her about the 2 candidates. We showed her with real money how the tax system worked under both candidates. We gave her 4 one dollar bills and told her this is what she makes for working. Under McCain's tax plan, she will have to give $1 back to the government to help pay for the things the country needs. Then we showed her how under Obama's tax plan that she would have to give $2 to the government to not only pay for what the country needs, but to also pay for the people who can work but choose not to. This morning when the kids woke up, I broke the news to them about Obama. Abbey was really quiet for a moment, then she got all teary eyed and said "Well I guess we will have to start giving him $2!" I tried to explain to her that the Lord will protect us and keep us safe. She perked up a little bit and said "well, only 3 more elections and then I will be able to vote!" My heart is beaming!


Anonymous said...

I love that our children are learning the importance of the electorial process and that their vote does count and make a difference.

I am joining you in your prayers that God gives President Elect Obama wisdom, but to my prayers I have added that God will also prick his heart and cause him to lead this nation down God's path.


Owl of the Desert said...

What a wonderful experience! I'm envious that you got to attend the rally. :-) I loved watching and listening to Governor Palin.

How exciting that Abby & Brady are learning about the election and what is happening. I'm amazed that Abby already knows when she will be able to vote! And not even in years, but in presidential terms! You go girl!

sweet tooth said...

ITS so sad that obama won but, I know that I with just have to pray for him each night.

Dani said...

Right now I'm just praying that we still have elections and a democracy, as opposed to a socialist government.

I didn't mean to terrify Abbey that her money was going to be flying out of her purse do to some one other than mean old Bro. Gary.

Amanda said...

I am soooo jealous that you got to attend a rally. I was and still am a HUGE fan of Governor Palin.

I join all of you with prayers for the president elect. I also pray that he wont be able to tear this country to shreds in 4 years and that the republican machine will start acting like respectible adults,(stop blaming Palin for their loss) come together and pick a candidate who WILL win in 2012!