Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summertime Boredom Cure #2

(Abbey cleaning the baseboards)

Well we are just a week away from the start of school. Abbey will be going into 3rd grade and Brady will be starting Kindergarten...if you are hearing any strange noises at this time, please don't worry, it is just the sounds of my sobs over the fact that I am not ready to have an empty nest. And as much as I dread this coming Monday, I have had to deal with many a "what can I do now" statements this summer. The pool and playground are only an option when it is not storming. We then turn to play-dough on the patio table, that works for a while but then the heat gets to them. When they come inside they act like there is nothing to do other than watch t.v. So alas, I have to "find" something for them to do. I eagerly put them to work doing "chores" around the house. Now, before you start calling me Kathie Lee and dialing children and family services, let me first state that the kids actually ask to help clean the house a lot of times (just not this particular day). Brady's favorite task is helping clean the bathrooms. Abbey usually offers to dust my baseboards and the furniture too. I know when you all see the picture of Brady, there will be one of two reactions: Complete fall-out-of-your-chair hysterical laughter or the wish-I-had-HRS-on-speed-dial leap for the phone! I don't know about all of you, but when I clean (or when my 5 year old cleans), cleaning products always end up on my clothes. So I have my cleaning day clothes which consist of a pair of shorts and shirt that have every color of wall paint we have ever used as well as random bleached out spots. Brady, on the other hand, does not own such a catwalk worthy outfit! Hence, the lack of clothing. However, being the diligent mother that I am, I know it is unsafe for a child to be touching cleaning products that could potentially bleach the Spider man off his underwear...I require him to wear gloves and of course his very durable crocs. Enjoy the pictures and please whatever you do, do not call HRS on me. P.S. Do you think I could make any money by hiring them out?;-)


Lil. Bit said...

Those pictures are so cute! Hey if it works, that is all that matters!

Anonymous said...

Nanna's got some fun housecleaning chores, too. I could use some help from Abbey and Brady. Grandpa never learned to clean baseboards OR bathrooms.
Happy cleaning!!

Ms. B said...

This looks like our house about 15 years ago :)

When they're done with your house maybe they can come to ours!

strem said...

Yes, definitely you can hire them out. I want my tub to shine like yours!

Kelly Spezzano said...

I just want to eat him up! Please tell Abbey that my house is smaller than hers and would take a lot less time to clean all the baseboards so she can have at it! :)

Anonymous said...

I especially love the PINK cleaning gloves to compliment the manly Spider Man undies.

I will gladly take Abbey & Brady, but I am afraid that Brooke and Brady would have to duke it out over toilet cleaning!

When Lindsey starts crawling, I am thinking of having wood floor dust cloth onesies made for her ;)

Dani said...

Hahahahahahahaha, I've been hoping for these pictures.