Monday, August 18, 2008

End of Summer

I'm sorry it has been a while since I posted! Last week was the last week of summer vacation so we tried to pack in a few last minute things. Oh yeah, and we are getting ready for a hurricane tomorrow...well probably not a hurricane, just a tropical storm. So anyway, I have a little catching up to do.
On Friday night, my parents invited people over to their condo clubhouse for a church sing. It was such a wonderful night filled with spirtual singing and fellowshipping.

Bro. Buddy has recently been preaching some wonderful sermons on "singing with purpose." He most recently spoke on how we can teach and admonish one another through our hymns. He also taught how it is not the mechanics of singing that is important, but what is on your heart. Which is comforting to me since I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I do love to sing. So as you can see the timing was perfect for the sing. I had a video of everyone singing, but I think the file is too large to post on here! Sorry, you'll just have to enjoy the pictures and hum some hymns to yourself while reading:-)


Anonymous said...

It was such a blessing to have had the sing. I appreciate you posting the pictures and I especially appreciate everyone that was able to come. Having the fellowship of the Brethren is such a joy and did me good and strengthend me. The icing on the cake was the singing the songs of Zion which praised our Lord. Each one that called out a selection (I felt) made their selection based on their heart. The selections did not seem to be just ramdom songs. I did want to say that Brother Buddy and I did not coordinate the timing of his surmons and our invitation to get together to sing, but it does lead me to believe that there was one above that orchestrated and tuned our hearts desires in unity. Again let me thank each one that supported the effort to get together and all those that helped with the straighten up afterward. I wanted to especially thank Brother Dave Bowen for his kind concern for expenses incured. It displays a love and care for others, but the Lord had Blessed in that area in the respect that our association does not charge for the use of the club house unless its left dirty. I also wanted to thank Brother Gary "B" for leading the songs. You can tell his love for singing by the effort he puts into each song. I appreciated Brother Buddy's comments on the songs and our efforts. I especially appreciate everyone that brought snacks. I also Appreciate everyones comments of support and enjoyment of the gathering. ( This is begining to sound like the "Grammy Awards Speach " ). I apologise for being so wordy but I feel often time we don't take the time to tell each other how much we appreciate one another. One last acknowldgement is the young folks that participated, What a joy to hear their sweet voices and the songs they called out was excellent. How can anyone not appreciate their participation. We are so blessed to have them with us. I am looking forward to getting together with my Brethren every chance I get.

In Christian Love

Dani said...

It was an aweful lot of fun.

strem said...

Sounds like a wonderful, Spirit-filled evening.