Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tunnel Vision

I had a conversation with some friends about how Abbey will start her senior year of high school the year Sophie starts Kindergarten.  It wasn't until later that day that it dawned on me, that by the time Sophie graduates high school, I will have had a child in school for 25 consecutive years.  That doesn't include preschool and/or college.  As I pondered this tunnel ahead of me, I began to shudder.  That is 25 years of homework, science fair projects, report cards, teacher conferences, packing lunches and many more wrinkle producing issues that arise with children in school.  We are only 1/3 of the way through this journey and only TWO participating children.  I'm not so sure that we can survive another 17 more years. What little light may be shining at the end of our tunnel is only highlighting the amount of gray in my hair. I must come up with a plan of action in order to make it through these next 17 years.

Step 1: Invest in Loreal Hair Color Company
Step 2: Invest in Puffs Tissue Company (to catch all the tears...both theirs and mine)
Step 3: Brush up on all the courses I took when I was in school.
Step 4: Learn everything about those courses that they didn't teach way back when I was in school.
Step 5: Overcome my distaste for wine.


Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA! #5 actually made me SNORT! Yeah, I thought it I had it bad with Brooke graduating high school when Lindsey graduates 5th grade, but YOU WIN!

I'm there for ya Sista!


Dani said...

To get through 25+ years, you might need something stronger than wine. hahahaha

lydia said...

Wow, that's kind of surreal to think about! I agree with Danielle, wine might not cut it! :)