Friday, March 1, 2013

Foto Dump Friday and other ramblings

First the ramblings:

After more weeks months than I care to admit, I have been pulling out 3-6 months size clothes to put on Sophie each day.  When the outfits don't fit over her biggie noggin or her belly is exposed from the neckline because the onesie is pulled so tight, I put it in a stack and say to myself "I really need to move her up to the next clothing size."  Yet I continued to let it slide...the story of my life.  So yesterday when I pulled out not one, not two, but three different outfits from her drawer that did not fit, I realized I needed to just bite the bullet and grab the next size clothing bag.  So I pulled out the 6-9 month clothes and realized that two of those outfits were a bit snug.  I thought, surely she's not ready for the 12 month clothes yet...she's only 8 months old.  Well, let me just say this little chunk-a-munk has worn three different 12 month outfits now and NONE of them look like they are swallowing her.  She is officially my "Big Baby"!  She just might hit 20 pounds by her first birthday, something a Johnson Baby has yet to do!

*WARNING* The cuteness of this video may just scare you into a coma!  Sophie's newest "trick" is scaring people.

And now for some iPhone Foto Dumps:

Kinley got herself dressed with a shirt on top and a shirt on the bottom

Don't know why it's turned sideways, but this is my birthday boy! Double Digits!

Ari's birthday party fun

Besties catching up over some milk and Mickey Mouse Club House


Brittany said...

I love Sophie's squeal!

Dani said...

That could give you a heart attack if you weren't expecting it. :)

lydia said...

Love the scary video! I think Kinley did a great job dressing herself!