Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"I'm How Old?!?"

Little Miss So-n-So is now 9 months old.  I know I say this each and every month and with each and every child, but time really does fly by.  I have started working on some of the details of her first birthday and enjoying all the little deco ideas I'm finding. 

This last month you have become extremely mobile.  You are crawling all over the house and we often have to hunt you down because you have completely wandered out of the room that you were left in.  You are also pulling up on EVERYTHING: furniture, toys, pants legs, walls/doors.  You attempt to climb the stairs, but have only managed to get a knee up one time.  I despise baby gates, but I know I need to get it put up sooner rather than later.

You're a good eater.  Stage 2 baby food is what you eat mostly.  In the morning, you will have a jar of fruit mixed with 3Tbs of cereal.  For lunch and dinner you eat two jars of baby food, either a veggie and a fruit or a meat dinner and a fruit.  You've also perfected your pincher grasper milestone and love to feed yourself Puffs, bread and any other table foods we offer you.  Your daddy gave you some chocolate ice cream this past weekend without my permission! I told him I was going to blame him if you develop an allergy to chocolate and/or dairy! Although it appears in the picture that you are using a sippy cup, I don't believe you actually get anything out of the sippy.  But you certainly do like to chew on it.

You have two bottom teeth (in case I'd forgotten to mention it in one of your previous posts) and you are about to cut your two top teeth.  Your poor little gums are just bulging and you have been chewing on anything and everything.  We took you to Disney for the first time with the rest of the family last month and you were so good.  We've actually been several times now with you and you are just as content as can be riding in the stroller.  You are definitely a people watcher.

You went to the doctor last week for your checkup.  She remeasured your head.  Although your head circumference went from 89% to 96% you are still following a steady curve.  She asked you to perform all your tricks, such as clapping, waving bye, repeating sounds like ma ma ma/da da da/ba ba ba, crawling and pulling into standing position and you happily obliged.  She also felt the top of your head and said your soft spot felt great.  She really felt there was no need for any further testing.  We will continue to monitor your head growth and your milestones but as of this time, Dr. H says you are "practically perfect in every way!"

9 month Stats:

Height: 27" - 25%
Weight: 17lbs 2oz - 31%
Head Cir.: 18 1/4" - 96%

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