Wednesday, April 24, 2013

R + F

Refreshed + Flawless.
Rejuvenated + Feathery
Restore + Fix

Ever heard of them before? I hadn't either until I started seeing my good friend April post things on facebook.  Every few days she would have something about turning back time on the aging process.  Or restoring sun damaged skin.  And as a mother of four who has passed her *ahem* mid 30's I of course was drawn to find out what she was doing.  I got in touch with her and we chatted via facetime (we joked it was very Judy Jetson of us).  She was kind enough to send me a sample facial

Now, Peeps, you have to understand my skin care regimen is: let the shampoo run down my face and call it clean.  Every once in a while I will splurge and buy the Nutrogena Face Wash, but again that's only if I remember to use it.  Now I'm not gonna lie to you...I have been blessed with pretty good skin in the sense that even as a teenager, I rarely had pimples blemishes.  I often forget run out of time and go without makeup.  So for the most part my skin isn't too damaged...or so I thought.  I did my facial and was STUNNED/SHOCKED/AMAZED/*insert more adjectives.  The softness of my skin was truly remarkable.  I couldn't believe the difference. 

I decided to try out another product too.  Being a stay-at-home mom, I'd say my hands have aged faster than anything comments from the peanut gallery should there be any disagreements!  My hands are constantly in less than desirable conditions, whether it's changing dirty diapers, bathing the little splash monsters, washing dishes, washing hands, washing hineys...I mean really, the list could go on.  I've noticed the skin on the tops of my hands have gotten very thin and dry.  Thank goodness we had a mild winter this year, because during the winter months my hands get so cracked and raw that hand sanitizer actually brings tears to my eyes.  I can't wait to try the REDEFINE Brightening Hand Treatment.

So, if you're feeling a bit aged.  If the kids have given you a few more wrinkles than you care to see each morning.  If the baby oil sunscreen you used when you were sixteen hasn't been so kind, please take a look at the products Rodan + Fields has to offer.  And please contact my friend April (click on any of the highlighted links above to get to her website).  She is a stay at home mom(of 3 beautiful children), a homeschooler, and an all around amazing lady!

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