Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly...

...about potty training!

The Good:
  • No more diapers to change (at least for Kinley)
  • No more diapers to BUY (at least for Kinley)
  • The face of pure excitement over her accomplishment (both Her face and Mine)
  • That little voice saying "Hurry! It's potty time! Run, Run, Run!"
  • "Punzel & Minnie Mouse" Panties are just about the cutest thing ever (Rapunzel)
  • Lots of treats and Goodies in the house...everyone gets to enjoy them ;)

The Bad:
  • 55 "practice" trips to the potty just during dinner alone
  • More laundry - ugh - at least they don't have to be ironed
  • Constant potty talk...even at the dinner table
  • Living in a state of fear, panic, constant awareness of your childs every move & sounds and what they mean.
  • Packing for 5 days when you're only going to be gone an hour...just in case there is a/multiple accidents

The Ugly:
  • She's growing up too fast
  • Umm, yeah I still have to go through this ONE.MORE.TIME.  Gulp

As you can see, The Good far exceeds The Bad and The Ugly!


Anonymous said...

"The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.." Kerry my dearest, you are a hoot. Your post make me smile with enjoyment. I'm so proud of you for all that you are and for all that you do inspired by your cuties instead of inspite of them. As a fellow parrent, as a friend, as your Dad, let me just say I think you are a special person and I think God and I are rejoicing over the fact that you are one of our own.
I Love You

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Thanks Dad! This brought tears to my eyes!

lydia said...

I'm so impressed with how great Kinley did with the potty training (and with how great Mom did)! What a big girl!