Friday, January 18, 2013

My Son!

Brady got invited to a paint ball birthday party last night.  Here is the scene:

A handful of 9 and 10 year old boys sitting in a semi circle listening to the Paintball Guy going over the rules of the paintball course.

Paintball Guy: OK we've gone over all the rules.  Are there any questions?

Boy #1: How many people have died out here?

Paintball Guy: No one has ever died.

Boy #2:  What if I get shot in my neck? Could I bleed to death?

Paintball Guy: No, it might give you a welt but you wont bleed.  Guys listen this is a pretty safe, fun activity.

Boy #3:  Will I have to go to the hospital?

Paintball Guy:  (feeling a bit exacerbated) Listen to me, it's not that bad.  Lots of people do this all the time.

*more random morbid questions from the kids*

Paintball Guy: Alright, I think I've explained it.  Any more RELEVANT questions!!!

*Paintball Guy looking over the room waiting for a hand to raise with another question about death*

Brady: (raising hand)

Paintball Guy: (sigh - preparing for question): Yeah, Buddy, what's your question?

Brady:  Does this shirt make me look fat?

*laughter erupts - the kids are ready to go shoot some guns*

Perfect Comedic Timing from my son. 


Brittany said...

Awesome...You can't fake that personality! Love it: )

lydia said...

I love that kid!

Dani said...

Love that boy, he's so funny!

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA! That boy is a hoot and a half!

Uncle Phil says, "He gets it from me."