Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Remember When...

Remember when I used to write on this blog?   Remember when I used to have witty creative posts like "why I don't fist bump" anymore or "how to avoid ironing at all costs."  Remember when I didn't live out of my vehicle and shuffle kids all over creation for hours and hours of my day.  Yeah, I don't really remember that one either.

One of these days I shall return to my funny ways.  Please bare with me.  Please don't leave me.  I will work REALLY hard to improve my creative juices!  In the meantime, I will leave you with some random information:

Abbey and Brady have been challenged this year.  Matthew has offered to buy them each an iPad if they are able to achieve a straight A average in school this year.

Kinley's favorite sayings at 2 1/2 years old are: "I can't hear you" "Change your attitude" "Maybe" "Show me" "I so proud of you" & "Sophie smiled at me"
Also, Kinley has learned how to jump and jumps every where she goes.

Sophie at 4 months old can roll from her back to her belly(and belly to back) in the blink of an eye.  She can grab at toys.  She can stand supported.  She smiles at just about everything, but is stingy with her laughs. Was just transitioned to her crib...which means the two littles are now officially sharing a room.  I'm sure I could list more, but it's late and I can't think of anything else.

Sophie's 4 month old stats:
height: 23 1/2" - 20%
weight: 12lbs 6oz. - 20%
head cir: 16 1/4" - 58%


Kelly Spezzano said...

I will never stop following you! Even if all you did was post a pic every once in a while of my sweet nieces/nephew then it will be well worth it! :)

I totally forgot about your fist bumping protest! lol

Rachel said...

I'm still following! Love reading your posts, and it's your blog so write as little or often as ya like! :-)

lydia said...

You're a busy momma! You don't need to feel bad about not keeping us entertained, we understand!