Friday, October 26, 2012

In it to win it

I've got to brag on my kiddos just a bit! At the beginning of the school year Abbey asked her Daddy if he would buy her an iPad if she got straight A's all year.  And without hesitation he said sure! Then, of course Brady wanted in on that deal too.  So Matthew made the kids a deal: if they were able to average straight A's at the end of the school year he would buy each of them an iPad.  This means that the kids would be allowed a B once in the school year in each subject and still be able to get a final grade of A's.  Me being the party pooper that I am said "Give me a break we ARE NOT buying 2 iPads" but after seeing the reaction and the determination on the kids faces, I reluctantly agreed. 

I am proud to say that BOTH kids are still in it.  Abbey got straight A's this nine weeks and Brady got 2 B's and the rest A's.  It has been a VERY stressful few weeks as we have had some issues with both kids' teachers.  But today was the grade deadline and everything is official now!  Both the kids go to magnet schools with advanced curriculums.  Abbey is in an IB (international baccalaureate) school and Brady's school is the leading school in STEM curriculum.  Needless to say, A's are not easily achieved.  In addition to Brady's daily school, he is also taking a math class through Polk Virtual School.  He is taking a 6th grade class(and he's only in 4th grade).  And, oh yeah he's got a 98.6% in that class as well.  His teacher had a phone assessment with him today and told him he "was the only student to get all the answers she asked correct without having to stop and think."  Now if we can just make it through the next 3 quarters with fewer issues teacher wise.  I think I'm more stressed out about school now than I EVER was when I was actually taking the classes.

Alternate Titles:
  • Proud Momma
  • I will either be completely gray or completely bald by the end of the school year
  • Paying for the Grades...yeah we do that
  • iCentives

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lydia said...

Way to go Abbey and Brady! I'm proud of them for their hard work! (Although I'm not very surprised - - they are smart kids!)