Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Halvesies

This week I hit the 20 week mark.  Exactly half way through the pregnancy.  We had our big anatomy scan on Tuesday and everything appeared to be strong and healthy with the baby.  We did not find out the gender but the big kids think they know what we're having.  Abbey said she "didn't see the stem on the apple" so it must be a girl.  Brady claimed the baby's foot looked like a boy foot, so it must be a boy.  For fun, I thought I would compare this pregnancy and Kinley's pregnancy.

Kinley's 20 Week

Baby J's 20 Week
As you can see I'm carrying much differently with this one than I did with Kinley.  However, that could just be because my uterus is all stretch out...

  • Kinley's heart rate at the 20 week ultrasound was 152.  Baby J's heart rate was 149
  • Kinley's approximate weight was 12 oz.  Baby J's approximate weight is 12 oz.
  • My weight gain at 20 weeks with Kinley was 5lbs.  My weight gain with Baby J at 20 weeks is also 5lbs.
  • Each of my four pregnancies has gotten progressively worse in the morning sickness (not sick at all with Abbey, a little nauseated with Brady, more with Kinley and lots and lots with Baby J.) Although all issues with morning sickness with all pregnancies ended well before the 12 week mark.
  • Lots of movement with Kinley (and it started very early ~ 14-15 weeks).  Feeling lots of movement with Baby J, however it's just been recently that I've really felt it (18-19 weeks).
  • With Kinley, took a while to agree on a boys name and I "felt" like we were having a girl.  With Baby J, still haven't agreed on a boys name and I'm all over the board on what we're having.
So there you have it!  Make your own predictions.  Everything looks great.  The only thing the doctor is concerned about is my placenta.  It is considered low lying, which means it is too close to the cervix.  He feels certain that as the baby continues to grow, the placenta will move up.  This is something they have to monitor though before delivery.  If it does not move up enough, then I will have to have a c-section.  They will do another ultrasound again at 28 weeks to check on the progress.  I'm not overly concerned about it.  So I will leave you with a few more shots and a video from Baby J's ultrasound!


Kelly Spezzano said...

Cutie little hiccupper!

It's so funny to see the comparison belly shot. When we saw you the other day, I didn't think you were really showing that much, but compared to the 20 wk with KK- you are def. showing more. I am thinking it's a boy...

Anonymous said...

I am still leaning toward girl. Look at how differently I carried Brooke and Lindsey. And besides, tell Brady, those are DEFINTILY girl toes! <3


Anonymous said...

WOW....what a beautiful baby! You and Matthew certainly do have the knack for gorgeous offspring. Well, I made no prediction until near the end with Kinley, and I was certain you were having a girl. I never have "feelings" about what gender of baby people are having (even my own). For some reason this time I am feeling....boy, but I am not ready to commit to that just yet. Mostly, I am thrilled that everyone is healthy! Been praying about the placenta issue, and I am with you that there is still time for it to work out.

Brittany said...

Can't wait to see that beautiful belly in person next weekend : )