Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Month

February has come and gone (well almost) and I feel like I haven't hardly had time to take a breath.  Pretty much the first two weeks of February involved lots of cleaning and purging and getting ready for the Florida Fellowship Meeting.  We had a house full of guests that we thoroughly enjoyed and a meeting that was not only very well attended, but one filled with spirit filled sermons and singing.  Plus we had Matthew's 40th birthday and Brady's 9th birthday in the mix of all of that.  And in case you missed it on fb, I've included Kinley's birthday song for you to enjoy!
I've also just reached the 24 week milestone in this pregnancy.  24 weeks is the magical medical number "they" assign to viability.  To be honest, I really have never put much stock in this milestone, only because I have heard of too many tragic stories of full term babies developing a life threatening issue during/shortly after birth.  So I try to focus my prayers not on timelines, but just on the health of the baby.  The irony of it all is that although these last few months have flown by, this pregnancy seems to be in slo-mo for me.  I feel like I have been pregnant for sooooo long.  Don't get me wrong, this pregnancy has been very easy for me.  It's not like I have been so miserable during the last 5 months that it has dragged on.  I'm probably jinxing myself, but I have felt really good.  My morning sickness only lasted a couple of weeks, no big deal.  No achy back like I've had with all the other pregnancies.  No major sleep issues, other than the unusual/bad dreams I started having this past week.  I've been a little fatigued this past week, but again we had A LOT going on the week before.  So overall I'd say it's going very well.  Apparently, I look REALLY pregnant, because I keep getting asked "how are you doing/feeling" in an extremely sympathetic "you look miserable" tone.  Hmmmm, just some thoughts to ponder.  Oh well, sorry for the totally boring, rambling post about mostly nothingness!  Perhaps something a little more creative will hit me in March!


lydia said...

It has been a crazy month, and we don't even have 3 1/2 kids to keep track of!

I'm glad you're feeling well and that this pregnancy is going quickly for you! Can't wait for June to get here!

Brittany said...

Bethany showed me Kinley's bday song when they were here and it was cracking me up! Forrest even wanted to watch it...and loved it : )