Monday, June 7, 2010

New Camera!

Matthew got his Father's Day present early...a new digital camera, that I get to use! YAY Unfortunately, because we just got it on Saturday, we haven't learned all the settings yet so today when we took it to the kids awards assemblies, we didn't have a whole lot of pictures turn out. We're still in the learning curve! Hopefully we will figure it out soon!

Abbey and Brady both did great this school year and came home with some major loot! Trophies, medallions, certificates...they racked up! And little Kinley was so impressed with her big Sis and Bro. that she slept through both of their awards ceremonies!

Way to go Abbey and Brady, you both worked really hard this school year and Momma and Dad are so pleased with you both! Only 2 more days left of school and off to enjoy the "lazy" days of summer!


Kelly Spezzano said...

AWESOME!!! We're so proud of you guys!
Love Aunt Kelly, Uncle Jim and Joshua

Anonymous said...

Way to go Abbey & Bubba! Uncle Phil and Mimmy are very proud of you too!