Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4 Weeks Old!

Why is it the last 4 weeks of pregnancy seem to have been at a standstill, yet once you arrived the 4 weeks have gone by like 4 minutes? I want to savor every moment of your little newborn life. I know so many "new mom's" are in survival mode, just waiting to move past this stage, but I think because deep down I have come to the realization that you will probably be our last, that I want to soak up every aspect of this stage. I love the bonding time we have during your feedings and despite my better judgment I love that you love to be held. I cherish the naps you take on my chest, I love the smell of your head as you snuggle into my neck (even though it smells like spitty most of the time). You have rolled over a couple of times, but I'm pretty sure they were complete flukes. You can hold your head up really well, although we do still call you a bobblehead! Kinley you are absolutely the blessing we prayed for all these years. You have completed our family.

Kinley's Likes:
  • napping on someones chest
  • to be swaddled
  • to be held
  • bath time (sponge baths...since she still hasn't lost her umbilical stump!)
  • binkys during the day

Kinley's Dislikes:

  • Gripe water, which is fine because it doesn't help her spit-up!
  • being in a room by herself
  • anything that vibrates (ie. bouncy seat, bassinet)
  • sitting in a dirty diaper (not even for a minute)
  • when the Momma drinks a fountain Coke! Waaaaahhhhh...that's what she says when I do and that's what I say when I don't!


Dani said...

The last thing on your list cracks me up, I have come to the conclusion after the last week that Ruth feels the same way about Dr. Pepper, it seems to make me sicker in the evenings, but I can't not have at least a little.

Anonymous said...

WAHHHHHHH! Thats what Mimmy says, becuase Itty Bitty Spitty Baby looks so grown up at 4 weeks old! Stop growing, I can't stand it!