Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Very Useful Statistics!

Maybe you will laugh as hard as I did. Maybe you needed to laugh as hard as I did. Maybe you won't understand what any of these things mean and that makes you laugh. Either way, I hope you laugh! And if you didn't laugh, there is always google to help you figure it out!


Anonymous said...

These were great! Where did you find them?


Anonymous said...

Laugh? Are you kidding me? Any post that involves a pie chart and Meat Loaf is way past simple laughter!

Kelly Spezzano said...

haha, now I am singing all of these songs! they'll probably be stuck in my head for a week! :P

Dani said...

Gary didn't like them, but I laughed and laughed, and then had to explain every single song reference to him. His reply was to argue with me about if Argentina was really that big.

sweet tooth said...

I don't get it. sorry I guest I will have to google it.
Lydia :)
Lydia Is really sleepy from a 3 1/2
hour test.