Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

Although I'm wishing summer vacation were here already, the end of the school year is pretty fun too. The kids do the AR reading program at school and if they achieve a certain goal each nine weeks, they get to participate in a special activity. This nine weeks goal earned a crazy hair day. And crazy hair we got!

All we're missing is the stars for his completed American flag!

Abbey's role models...Bethany and Rachel!


Anonymous said...

Grandpa wants his hair done!!

Kathy U said...

Wow! How did Abby change so quickly. From danity little flower girl to um. . . um. . . um. . . well I don't know to what. The thing is, I am so sorry that Bethany was her inspiration :) I will try to do better next time.
Sis Kathy

Lil. Bit said...

haha That is too much! ;) Well i'm glad that she has been practicing "the Bethany face" lol :) You rock Abbey!

sweet tooth said...

Please tell me thats washable If not you may come to church And. JK
LOL!........................ :)
Lydia :)