Monday, March 23, 2009

Bridal Shower for Brittany!

On Saturday, we had a small group over for a shower for Sis. Brittany. We had a lot of fun. She has had several showers already, so we decided to give her a pantry shower. The invitations turned out really cute. We used mini brown paper bags (to look like grocery bags) and even made a little logo to look like the Publix logo.

Inside the grocery bag, was a shopping list and a recipe card. Everyone brought a recipe with the non-perishable ingredients that go along with the recipe plus the items off the grocery list and any kitchen tools that went along with their recipe.

She got a lot of stuff for her pantry. I don't think she will need to go shopping for the first 6 months of marriage. She also got a lot of really cute baskets, cookbooks etc.

We sent everyone home with a little "goodie" bag of groceries! Since it is Easter time, we found little egg cartons with bubble gum. We also found wax soda bottles and of course butter (Reece's peanut butter cups that is).

Kelly made a beautiful strawberry topiary which we of course dipped in chocolate fondue! YUMMO!

This was our surprise guest at the shower. The kids found this snake out in the road. We're pretty sure it is a rattler snake of some kind. Maybe a timber maybe a pygmy. Whatever kind it was, it was not welcome and thank goodness Justin and Jeff saved the day by "taking care" of it.


Anonymous said...

You and Kelly rock! Now for the next one!


Lil. Bit said...

That was such a cute shower!
Oh man what would we have done without Justin and Jeff to save the day! lol :)

Ms. B said...

Thank you SO much! You guys are the best!

Amanda said...

What an adorable idea for a shower! Y'all are so very talented! I'm so glad Brittany has such sweet friends!!