Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bok Tower Gardens

Today, Brady's kindergarten class went to Bok Tower Gardens for a field trip. He was so excited this morning he was up probably around 6am. And I say probably because he was up before anyone else and I'm really hoping he wasn't up any earlier than 6am.

The kids left school at 8:30 on chartered buses. There was enough parent volunteers that each parent only had one other child to look after besides their own. Brady got paired up with his best bud Quinton. He is a really nice little boy and both of them seem to get along great!

The buses arrived at the gardens shortly after 9:30. First they ate a snack. Then they got to watch a movie about the history of the gardens/tower and then went on a "scavenger/sensory hunt" throughout the property.

Afterwards, we met back in the parking lot for our picnic lunches. The kids seemed to have had a really good time, they ate their lunch and then ran off some know, because "running around" the gardens wasn't enough for them.

Then around 1pm the kids loaded back on the buses. We were given the option of checking the kids out at that time and taking them home with us straight from the gardens. My good friend who is also a kindergarten teacher at the school offered to bring Abbey home today, since she had to go back to school. Abbey thought that was sooooo cool that she got to ride home with her very most favorite teacher.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day for a field trip!
Nanna and Grandpa