Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Suffer Little Children

I know it is already Wednesday, and this should have been posted several days ago. However, in my dear hubby left the camera bag at church on Sunday and we just got it back last night. Then it took forever to upload. Plus, there is a little thing called the FELLOWSHIP MEETING that I am getting ready for!

So anyways, back to the wonderful weekend we had. A few weeks ago Brady announced to us that he was ready to get baptized. It came as a little bit of a shock to us. We knew his heart was there, but his fears were holding him back. A year ago if you asked Brady when he was going to get baptized he would tell you "never". Then a few months ago he adjusted it to 11. Maybe because 11 sounded like a long ways away, but still a time frame. Then like I said a couple of weeks ago he decided he was ready.

We talked with him a lot of the next week or so and decided to have him talk to Bro. Buddy. He told Bro. Buddy that he "loves God and likes when he can feel God all around him. And God told me you have to get baptized and I want to follow God's rules"! I wished I could have gotten pictures of him when he first went up to the front of the church. He had the biggest grin on his face. He just couldn't stop smiling. He looked so itty bitty up there next to Brady, but he did it all by himself. I know the video is lengthy and it's the back of his head, but it's definitely worth watching.


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post! I love my little Brady! I promise to get you acopy of our video that shows Brady and his sweet smile during his baptism!


Dani said...

It was so wonderful to see the look on his face both when he asked for a home in the Church and again after he was baptized.

Lil. Bit said...

That is so sweet! He is such a fire ball! It's so awesome to see the kids being active in the church. :)

sweet tooth said...

I'm so happy for Brady not to cry going up there and haveing the curage, when I was baptized Right when I went to Elder Tim Mucool I Started to cry I was really nervus