Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a long fall from the pedestal!

So now I will introduce Abbey Rose...my first born, my drama queen...many say she is the spittin image of me. She is my petite near 8 year old who struggles with the fact that she is so small weighing in at a mere 36 pounds, however her personality far exceeds her small stature! Of course as the Momma, I think she is gorgeous...and she knows she is too. She gets stopped quite frequently in public for people to comment on her eyes. Let's just say she was pretty comfortable up on that pedestal! She has about 4 teachers at her school that "fight" over who is going to take her home...and might I just say she loves that attention. But sometimes, things just don't go as planned! A couple of weeks ago, Matthew, the kids and I were all at Publix shopping for few items. Abbey and Brady were riding in the "car" shopping cart. Matthew was a couple feet in front of the cart looking at some items and I was pushing the cart. An elderly woman heading in the opposite direction stopped me and as she placed her hand on my arm, began to compliment Brady on his handsome features and his good behavior! I thanked her and she went on her way. Abbey starts looking around quite bewildered and I asked her what was wrong. She told me nothing but kept looking around like she knew she was on candid camera. I then proceeded to teach Brady that when someone pays him such a nice compliment he needs to make sure to thank them. As I finished talking with Brady, Abbey said in her most offended voice..."Well...She must not have looked at me!" After trying desperately to regain my composure (without busting out laughing) but think quickly on how to use this as a learning tool, I then spoke to Abbey about how I think she is a beautiful girl...but not everyone is going to stop to tell her that and she needs to be happy for Brady that he is getting the opportunity to experience those compliments that she hears on a regular basis! Although it may have bruised her ego a bit, I think she climbed back on that pedestal rather quickly.


Dani said...

That is so funny, Gary and I both laughed. She does have really pretty eyes though.

Anonymous said...

My Princes has never fallen from her Poppa's pedestal. She is the most Beautiful Little girl. I remember another Little girl long ago with just such beautiful eyes and a great smile that nurses came from all over the hospital just to see her. It's no wonder to me that my princes is the spitting image of her mommy.

Dad & Proud Poppa

Kelly Spezzano said...

I almost didn't recognize her with her front teeth. I am so used to seeing a toothless grin now!

She will always be on a pedastal with our family, even though we got kicked to the curb when the Abernathy's got here- don't worry, though I have a secret Joshua weapon coming soon, I know she won't be able to resist a baby! :)

Grandpa said...

Abbey asked me how old I was one time. After I told her, she said, Grandpa, you are the oldest person on earth.