Thursday, August 9, 2012

8 Weeks

At 8 weeks old you are completely sleeping through the night.  You are usually asleep by 11pm and wake at either 6 or 7.  When school starts you will be on a 3 hour schedule starting at 6.  I am hoping that we can get you to sleep before 11pm consistently on that schedule.

Unfortunately, nursing is not going so well.  I am baffled by you.  Sometimes you will nurse without so much as a whimper and other times you will scream and fight to stay latched on.  It's not a production problem.  So either (1) you are too lazy - breastfeeding requires more work on your part or (2) you are too nosey and want to be able to see what's going on around you.  So sadly enough I am weaning you to a bottle.  I tried pumping on a regular basis so that we could at least keep you on breast milk instead of formula, but with 3 other kids to take care of it just wasn't happening.  You were already taking 2-4oz. in a bottle after every nursing session anyway.  As of today you nurse first thing in the morning with no supplement.  Your 9am and 3pm feeds are all formula (5-6oz.) and the rest of your feeds are nursing + 2-4oz. of formula.  I think it is awfully bizarre that my two "big" babies were not good nursers and my two peanuts were nursing champs!  Something else that is weird is I was the most diligent with you in watching what I ate and drank and yet you have been highly unappreciative! :)

You go next week for your 2 month check up (and shots - sniff sniff).  I am pretty confident you will be weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds (maybe slightly more).  That is a whole pound more than what Kinley weighed at this same age.  Who knows maybe...just maybe...I will have one kid who is a great eater!

You still like to be swaddled at bedtime or other times when you are fussy.  Tummy time usually ends in you falling asleep but your head control is really starting to come along.  Still no rolling over yet, but you have started rolling over to your side so I'm sure the rest of the roll is right around the corner.

And just for is the comparison photo of you and Kinley!
Kinley                             Sophie


Kelly Spezzano said...

I will never get tired of looking at those sweet smiles! She is so beautiful (just like her sisters!)

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on my "stories" and OH MY GOODNESS, Kinley feeding Sophie is the most precious picture EVER!