Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catchup and Mustard

Life has been quite busy and hectic since Spring break.  So I will try to fill in all the gaps with bullet points.

Me (pregnancy)
  • Had my 28 week ultrasound (a month ago) and everything looked great.  No more issues with the placenta.
  • Baby was measuring about a week ahead (71% - unheard of for a Johnson baby)
  • Doctor wants to do another ultrasound at 37 weeks to check the size of the baby.
  • Still feeling pretty good...not a whole lot of energy and the back aches have arrived, but other than that doing good.
  • Getting busier at work.  Praise the Lord.
  • Made the school golf team.  We've been at the golf course pretty much M-Th each week since mid March.  She has matches twice a week and practice the other two days.
  • Just finished up soccer.  His team came in 3rd place for the season.
  • About to turn 2.  WHAT....Where in the world has time gone?
  • Talking up a storm.  Says peoples names really well except for her own (she can't say the 'c' or 'k' sounds).
  • Recognizes a handful of letters, but could care less about colors.  Although apparently yellow is her favorite, because she says everything is yellow.
  • Can count to 3 but thinks she can count to 10.
  • Likes to read signs/books/anything with letters by saying "e-a-o-u" or any combination of vowels over and over.
  • Has started sleeping soooo much better at night.  Hardly ever wakes up anymore. YAY!  Now if we could just get her to sleep a little longer in the mornings (on days we don't have to get up for school).
  • Loves to "snack" but doesn't enjoy eating all that much.  Likes cheese quesadillas but not grilled cheese.  Will eat a peanut butter sandwich but likes to take it apart and scrape the peanut butter off first.
  • DOES NOT like to be dirty or wet in any way shape or form.  She will bring me a diaper and wipes when she needs to be changed.  She doesn't like to have her hands messy while eating.  And really doesn't like to "sit" in a wet bathing suit.
  • HATES to wear shoes (and bows in her hair) but doesn't like for her feet to get dirty.
  • Calls any baseball game "Go Rays" anything to do with soccer is "Bubba's Sotter" and anything golf related is "Sissy's Doff"
  • Loves to have the TV on, but doesn't actually sit and watch very much.
  • Went on a mini vay-cay to Orlando for Spring Break
  • Had/having some work done on the inside of the house to prepare for Baby J's arrival
  • In the process of buying a "new to us" vehicle that will better suit our growing family.
I have lots more pictures, but for some reason blogger is not uploading pictures correctly so I will just say good-night!


Brittany said...

Kinley's a girl for sure! I'm glad to hear you guys are doing well! We've been praying for y'all : )

Dani said...

You have been crazy busy!