Saturday, October 1, 2011

And then September hit!

  • I remember a time when our week day evenings were all about homework, dinner, bath time and bedtime!
  • I remember a time when my vehicle rarely saw the week day's dusky evenings!
  • I remember a time when Itty Bitty spent more time on the CARpet than the CAR!
And then September hit.  It hit us HARD.  Gone are the days of my kids being in the same extra curricular activities.  When Abbey was little (before Brady was old enough to have any activities) she did gymnastics and later ballet.  When Brady was old enough to start some activities we enrolled them both in a soccer program.  They both had practice on the same night at the same time and had games on the same day (sometimes at the same time).   Then they both tried tennis for a summer...neither really liked it all that much.  Then the place they played soccer discontinued their program.  So we got them both into golf.  Again, same time, same place.  NO BIG DEAL.  Then my world came crashing to a halt or more like sped into warp speed mode.  Brady decided he HATED golf...I'm sorry did I say "hate" I meant to say fake a sudden stomach virus to get out of playing despise!  He missed soccer, he wanted to play soccer again, somewhere, somehow.  But Abbey, nope, she loved golf.  Has aspirations of playing on her middle school team.  Working towards college scholarships, she is!  And one day will play for the LPGA (or so in her mind). 

So here we are in September. Golf lessons on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Soccer on Mondays and Saturdays. Then we decided to throw in Cotillion for Abbey on Monday nights and Brady's guitar lessons on Tuesdays. And don't forget church on Wednesday nights. Then you throw in a random dentist/doctor/hair appointment on Thursdays and there goes my week and then my month. So as you can tell, this is why I haven't posted much and I will not be going out on a limb and saying I will try to do better, cause, frankly people, it just aint happening! I leave you with some random pictures!


lydia said...

Wow! I can see why you need your pocket calendar! Does Miss K like riding in the car better now that she can face forward? It sounds like you spend a lot of time there and I can imagine it wouldn't be any fun if she was an unhappy girl.

Dani said...

You weren't kidding last night when you mentioned how busy ya'll have been! And by the way. I love the random pictures. :)