Friday, September 2, 2011

Pride cometh before the fall

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself today.  The kids have been back in school for the last two weeks and I have stuck to my meal planning and house work despite the fact that we have been bombarded with activities.  In the past, PTA meetings and birthday parties and sick babies would have been a great excuse to order take out or skip cleaning the toilets.  Not this time, no sir, I made a commitment and I was sticking to it!  So as a reward for my "good behavior" I decided to be especially frugal and hit Steak-n-shake for their happy hour half priced drinks.  I got a nice refreshing fountain coke to sip and enjoy after a couple of weeks of hard work.  But alas, the Lord kneweth my sin and he judged me.  As I turned the corner out of the steak-n-shake parking lot, my cup of bubbly caffeinated nectar toppled out of the cup holder and spilled in its entirety all over the floor of my truck.  SIGH...So not only did I NOT get to enjoy my refreshing beverage, but I had to clean out my truck when I got home!

Lesson learned, dear least until I fall again!


Kelly Spezzano said...

Memories of hot salty deliciousness came flooding back as I read this unfortunate post! :/ I 100% sympathize with you... I am just saying, you may want to consider looking to Mr. Postmaster General as a suspect. He has been known to meddle with peoples food in the past. ;)

Anonymous said...

I both cried and died laughing at this post and comment!

I don't think God would allow hot salty deliciousness and bubbly caffeinated nectar to fall to the earth without being enjoyed. It must have been that meddlesome Mr. Postmaster General!


Brittany said...

This is cracking me up : )

I once did the same thing except it didn't fall. I drank a frap WAY too late and was up all night!