Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Preview

I can't call it a "review" since I haven't finished it yet, but I wanted to share it with you because so far I am really enjoying it.  Abbey starts middle school in just 17 short days.  And yes, come Monday August 22nd if you are suddenly overwhelmed by the sounds of hysterical sobbing, that will probably be me!  So with middle school comes all these awkward discussions a parent must have with their child...and with Abbey being a girl, guess who gets that job!  So far the talks have gone smooth and groovy until the most recent brick wall we've seemed to have hit.  BOYFRIENDS!  Oh yes, my not quite 11 year old is only slightly boy crazy (read: the hormones have kicked into high gear).  I was really struggling with how to approach the topic of boy/girl relationships and heard about this book from none other than the Duggar Clan.

Here is the synopsis from the publisher: This guide to radiant purity combines the thoughts and events in the life of a young princess with solid, clear teaching of Biblical convictions that young ladies today need to grasp. Through a captivating fairy tale, modern day examples, practical instruction and abundant humor, Sarah Mally challenges young ladies to turn to the Lord for fulfillment, to guard their hearts and minds, to identify and avoid the world’s thinking and to shine brightly in this generation.

It is a "fairy tale" type story that is interspersed with the author's (a single young woman) views on how to remain pure.  It is specifically written for girls who have not started dating, in that it is not graphic as to what a physical relationship is, yet it is also written for a woman of any age on how to conduct herself in a relationship.  What has really impressed me the most is that all the scripture quoted is from the KJV.  Abbey and I are reading it together.  Abbey is enjoying the fairy tale portion as much as the commentary.  It opens up the door of communication to what kind of things she should look for in a boy as well as other biblical principles, such as respect of elders.  Now don't get me wrong, I am certainly not trying to marry off my tweenager.  But I think it is so important for her to be confident enough in her convictions from an early age, that as she gets older and is faced with the temptations of this world, that she will have the foundation necessary to resist and thus avoid some life altering repercussions. 

So far, I think the book is great.  We're about 1/4 the way through it.  I will give my final review when we finish it.  This book gives Abbey something to look forward to with just us together.  I strongly recommend this for anyone with young daughters on the verge of middle school.


Kelly Spezzano said...

I have been out of touch with the Duggar Family, so I didn't know about this book... it sounds like a great concept. Do the Duggars have a book for young men regarding finding a virtuous woman?

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

It is not actually by the Duggar Family, it was just one that they recommended. I don't know of any regarding young men!

Kelly Spezzano said...

That's actually what I meant, I knew they didn't write the book, I was just wondering if they recommended a book for the young men.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I would love to borrow the book when you and Abbey are finished, please may I! I am not far behind with Brooke!


lydia said...

It is wonderful that you are reading this with Abbey and having these discussions with her! I know so many parents who don't take this topic seriously when their kids are young. I don't think a child is ever too young to begin talking about the purpose of marriage, what to look for in a spouse, and when/how to start having serious relationships. (Here I go with my advice about parenting WAY before I have any experience!!!) I pray that through these discussions, reading, and learning, Abbey will not have to avoid so much of the heartache and pain that so many young people go through in the process.

I was thankful to hear your review of this book. I just saw it on the Duggar's a few weeks ago and really enjoyed what the author had to say. Even though I'm past this part of MY life, I still would like to read it.

Brittany said...

Forrest started A Man after God's Own Heart right before we met. It was based around David's life and he said it was excellent! I read why True Love Waits in highschool and reread it until I got married! Too early for Abbey but might be good to read for you, Kerri, so you can start teaching the priniciples early.

I love the Duggars! I have learned so many things from them!