Thursday, February 10, 2011

I blinked...

...and 3 months passed by.  So I'll try to catch you up.  We went to Georgia for Thanksgiving and then blah blah blah had 20 or so people over for Christmas then yada yada yada and now we're coming up on the February birthday boys!  In the meantime, Kinley began crawling shortly after her 5 month post.  And within a week or so of crawling, she started pulling up on furniture.  And just recently she has managed to climb up the stairs in an effort to find her Bubba and Sissy.  So the baby gate has been placed, however, it doesn't fit properly with the baseboards, so I will give her another month or so before she figures out she can actually go under the baby gate to access the stairs.  I owe you pictures for her 6-9 months.  Yeah yeah yeah, I'll get a round tuit!

Kinley got a new swing for Christmas, so she got to try it out the other day.  At first she didn't really like it, but once Abbey and Brady got on their swings too, she thought she was big stuff!


Dani said...

I love that last picture of the three of them.

Anonymous said...

How can one little girl have such big eyes and sucha big smile?


Anonymous said...

What a cutie:

Love From