Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Days away!

We are just days away from our new bundle being here! Hopefully sooner rather than later. We are all very anxious and excited. Abbey has been asking numerous times a day "if I felt like the baby was going to be born today?" I finally had to tell her that if she asked me one more time I was going to send her to her room and not let her out until after the baby was born. I explained to her that she will be one of the first people to know and that she wasn't going to miss anything!
I'm getting pretty uncomfortable and sleep does not come very easily, but I know it's just God's way of preparing us for having a newborn in the house! My question is how in the world can I be compared to the "broad side of a barn" on Sunday (thanks Sis. Amanda) and then the very next day be told "Oh wow, I thought you'd already had the baby. When I first saw you, you didn't even look pregnant." Aaahhhh! Who do you think I'll be spending more time with???


Kelly Spezzano said...

we are all very excited and anxious too! Baby Johnson has us on our toes that's for sure!

What is it about church ppl making "fat" comments to pregnant ladies? It's just plain rude! ;)

Dani said...

My guess is not with my sister in law. haha.

Hopefully that little one will be here sooner than later.