Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More NYC videos

This first video is of the kids getting their first taste of playing in the snow. We found a nice waxy box by a garbage can and Matthew made it into a really nice sled for the kids. Abbey was slightly embarrassed sledding down the hill in a box when everyone else had real sleds or inner tubes...but she enjoyed it after all and ended up going down the hill a couple of times. Brady was a one-time sledder due to the fact that he had "nature in his pants" and was a little grumpy about being cold and wet!

The first night we were there we took the kids to FAO Schwartz and the American Girl store. The kids had a blast looking at everything in the store and of course playing the piano. I know they are rather long videos, but they are worth watching!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool! 143

Dani said...

I especially love the sled/box. That is awesome video.

Dani said...

...oh and the piano from Big WAY TOO COOL!!!