Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bradyisms at 6 years old

We will be leaving tomorrow after church for a week long vacation. I won't have access to a computer the whole week. So I will leave you with some funny interpretations that Brady has come up with.

Brady: "Can I change into a pack of clothes?"
meaning: "Can I pack a change of clothes?"

Brady: "Mom will you pick out the leprechauns, I don't like them."
meaning: "Mom will you pick out the pecans, I don't like them."
this one was picked up after I started making homemade butter pecan ice cream. He likes the ice cream but not the "leprechauns"!

Brady: "I was past asleep"
meaning: "I was fast asleep"

He has also picked up some big words in his vocabulary. The other day we were driving through a neighborhood looking for rental homes (for my in-laws). This one neighborhood we drove through has a wide range of homes, from small compact patio homes to large expansive estate homes. So of course the kids were commenting the whole time about how gi-normous some of the homes were and how teeny tiny other were. As we were driving out of the subdivision, Brady stated very matter of factly: "Mom, I am really impressed with this neighborhood. I think this would be an excellent place for Nanna and Grandpa to live."

One of my favorite conversations that Brady and I exchange goes a little something like this:

Brady: You're my best Mom!

Me: You're my best boy!

And it's usually completely out of the blue.


Anonymous said...

I don't want Brady to EVER grow up! He is the cutest thing ever!


Anonymous said...

Did Nanna and Grandpa choose the neighborhood that impressed Brady??? I'm glad that he's looking out for us.
Have a great vacation!!
Nanna and Grandpa

Dani said...

Brady is the funniest kid I know. I'm always impressed with him.